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Effexor XR to Cymbalta...

Hi all -

Has anyone tried Effexor or Cymbalta? My doctor (general prac) said they are pretty much the same thing, and he switched me from effexor to cymbalta. I don't feel as crazy and out of control as I did with the effexor.

I don't know how I feel about the Cymbalta yet. I AM going to see a pyschiatrist (sp?) at the end of the month, but I was just wondering if anyone has been on these.

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  I know what you mean about the eexor it made me hyper so I switched to celexa now I eel normal other ones made me sleepy.  I'm glad I inally ound one that works I plan on staying on it or the rest o my days, just I need it now. never tried cymbalta.
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my girlfriend switched from Effexor to cymbalta amd she said that she feels much much more calm. She did say that she had withdraw sypmtoms with effexor. She said that her head, body and arms were very aching while she was decreasing the effexor. She had such a bad withdraw from the effexor that she ended up in a mental health facility. It was the best thing for her. Cymbalta is working very well for her!
Good Luck and I hope this helps!

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I was prescribed effexor for depression in 2005.  It made me feel really "crazy."  I don't how to explain it any other way.  I have been on other antidepressants, prozac and celexia and they made me feel good, not crazy.  I would have these insane vivid dreams.  I would wake up at night so scared to close my eyes and go back to sleep.  I didn't want to dream anymore.  When I decided I needed to stop taking the medication, the doctor progressively lowered the dosage.  The nightmares/dreams just got worse.  It took a few weeks to get over all the withdrawal, but I was so glad I wasn't taking effexor anymore.  It was not good for me.  Along with this I could not orgasm while taking the effexor.  As soon as I stoped taking effexor, my orgasms were easily obtained.  

I am again feeling down, tired, sleeping so much, and cry for silly reasons.  This is an off an on recurring thing and when an actually bad event happens in my life, I go through this deep depression.  This has been happening since I was atleast 14 years old.  Possibly earlier.  I feel like I should probably be on a medication, but I haven't taken an antidepressant since effexor, primarily due to the side effects, sexual and nonsexual.  I really just don't know what to do.  I would love to feel normal again and not worry about what social situation I am putting myself in, due to a fear of crying.  Especially at work I cry.
Sorry this reply was so long, I just needed to vent a little bit.  

Hope my information helps.  

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Hello all - I am Margie in Australia - I have just been diagnosed with depression and put on Effexor 75mgs two weeks ago.  Have only had sex once but same thing - No orgasm!  I've been depressed for years but never gone the pharmacutical option.  Bit jumpy so far.  Sleep really disturbed.  Not game to ask my doctor for valium which is what I think I need.  Still smoking a bit of pot and drinking the odd glass of white wine.  
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I've been on Effexor for 2.5 weeks, week one was 37.5mg and week two 75mg. I haven't had any issues, haven't notice any change either. Except maybe I'm able to sleep about 20% easier. I even missed a dose for 24 hours and had no side effects. Everybody on line seems to have bad things to say about Effexor. When did you notice side effects? Am I not taking enough to notice a change? As for sex... I've never had a strong sex drive. This is my first drug, doctor said wait 6 weeks.

Any input is appreciated.
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Hey I have been on effexor for about 6 months. 37.5 mg no side effects so far. I alson take klonipan at night to help sleep. I dont take it everynight but some. I have missed doses of effexor and havent had anything really out of the ordinary happen. I went to the doc today to start comming off Effexor. Was on it b/c i started a new job, husband got laid off then rehired, child starting school, and building a new home. Talk about stress. I also had to get my gallbladder taken out during that time. I feel much better now. Wish you all luck
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