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Effexor Xr vs. Zoloft

So yesterday, I had my monthly doctor's appoinment.  I mentioned about switching from Effexor Xr 225mg (which on my own I lowered to 150mg)  He said that Effexor XR affects two different areas of the body whereas Zoloft only affects one area.  Now he mentioned NOTHING about keep taking the Effexor Xr in lower does while I make hte switch to Zoloft.  Am I supposed to just switch right over to Zoloft and discontinue the Effexor Xr??
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Weird, I think you did the right thing, because Effexor works in the 2 different areas. I weaned down on Effexor to go over to Celexa, and once you're down to a low dose it's not so bad. You should still expect some withdrawal effects, like the spins and zaps, but going over to Zoloft, that drug will ease it up a bit. It's good to be vigilant with your meds and question anything, I think passivity with meds can be dangerous.

Zoloft is a great drug, I was on the drug for about 4 yrs, probably the best one I was one, but all of them have "poop" out, but this one seems to last longer then most,  before that I was on Luvox for 5 years  :)   Besides dry mouth, which they all give you - watch for bruxism (clenching jaw or grinding teeth) doesn't happen much, but be aware.. Get a mouth guard if your jaw hurts in the morning. I ignored and ended up with not the best bottom teeth. It shouldn't be an issue if this happens, because you know. I didn't have a clue! Both drugs are great! Make sure you drink bunches of water too!
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i take zoloft and it makes me real drowsy-yeah lots of water take it with meal- follow docs order and switch immediatley-drifter0213
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It is safe to take both Effexor XR and Zoloft at the same time in moderate dosages.

Yes, Effexor works on both Serotonin and Norephinepherine, but mostly on Norephinepherine and Serotonin to a much lesser degree. Zoloft acting only on Serotonin, thus very low risk of developing serotonin syndrome from a combination of the two meds.

In fact many people take an SNRI like Effexor, Pristiq, or Cymbalta along with an SSRI as a regular treatment. The two meds will not collide with each other.

Thus, simultaniuosly tapering "SLOW" off the Effexor while ramping up the Zoloft is perfectly safe in almost every case.
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I take Zoloft 150MG one daily.  Last year I was taking Effexor xr75mg and had been taking them for about 3 years.  Well thought I didn't need the antidepressents anymore so started weining myself off the the effexor, well that was terrible, I thought I was losing my mind.  Tried Proza, that didn't work, now I am on the Zoloft 150mg, but I just don't feel as good as when i was on the effexor xr and from what I have been reading I wasn't taking that high of dose.  I almost feel like I would like to go back on the effexor xr as it worked the best for me, I do know I would have to stay on it for life, but hey if it works the best then so be it. Would love to hear anyfeed back from anyone.
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