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Effexor and DHEA

Been doing some research on DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), and was wondering if anyone has taken it with Effexor to boost their adrenal and sex hormones?
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Effexor is already affecting your adrenals, this should be taken in account.

Supplementing with DHEA could improve your depression symptoms by reducing your cortisol level. Testosterone also play a crucial role in mood and sex drive so I think it will help. It will also help with your memory. You must be careful with the dosage tho because too much testo or estrogen is not good. High estrogen production thru supplementation or diet rich in phytochemicals producing estrogen are linked with tumor growth. The relation is not clear buy significant with breast cancer

I don't see anything bad with taking Effexor with DHEA supplementation but the optimal way to go would be to take choline, alpha GCP, L-Huperzine and vinpocetine with the DHEA. I would let you do the research and let you figure out by yourself why this combination will be useful. You can even consider piracetam.

Please consider that I'm not a pharmacist nor a doctor and you should consult your pharmacist and doctor before trying any new regiment because I don't know your medical background.

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The issue is that the Effexor has negatively affected my adrenals, which is why I was considering it.

But, I spoke with the doctor today about it and he said that while it does help that it doesn't do much. I also talked to him about switching to Wellbutrin due to the sexual side effects from Effexor.

Thanks for the info, though. I will definitely look into the items you mentioned and consider it after I see what happens with the Wellbutrin.

Thanks again,

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Wellbutrin XL is an excellent antidepressant for people suffering from lethargy and low libido.

Mixed with all the items I suggested to you, you should feel like a new person.

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