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Effexor generic/Venlafaxine???

Hi, I get my prescriptions through Express Scripts and they recently contacted my doctor about a generic for Effexor ER called Venlafaxine. The problem is, I now take the extended release Effexor and the supposed generic for this med is $70 more than the brand name Effexor ER. How could a generic subsitute be more expensive than the brand name, just doesn't make any sense to me. If I chose to take the non-extended release generic Venlafaxine, it would be $80 cheaper than the Effexor ER. I couldn't seem to get any answers about this from Express Scripts. I have never heard of a generic med costing more than the brand name. Has anyone taken this supposed generic? I am worried that it may not be the same exact medication or not work as well because I have no desire to go through withdrawal from the Effexor ER I now take. If anyone can give me any info about this I would greatly appreciate it.
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I have never heard of a generic anything costing more than the brand name.  Is this for a one months supply or 3?  Express Scripts normally prescribe 90 days at a time, could this be where the confusion lies?  Call a local pharmacist and just ask the difference in price with them, if the generic is cheaper then you know to question Express Scripts. It sounds like a mistake to me.
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This is the cost for a 90 day supply of the extended release capsules, the non-extended release pills are $55 for 90 days compared to the $210 for the extended release. My cost for the brand Effexor was $130 for 90 days. I even talked to a supervisor at Express Scripts and she said it was because it isn't classified as a Tier drug, as in 1-2-or 3 yet. Don't understand it either, I think it must be more expensive to manufacture and they would rather people use the non-extended release one, so they jack up the price to force people to use the other one. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but can't think of any other reason for the huge price difference if they are both generic. I may call a local pharmacy and talk to a pharmacist about it and see what they have to say about it. Thanks for the reply.
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if you ask me, take the regular Effexor not the generic.  Generic meds must legally put at least 80% of the active ingredient in the medication.  I'm sure that they will only put in what is required of them.  Also take into consideration that the inactive ingredients of the generic could be anything - totally different than what is in the Brand med.  This could effect the way the med absorbs in your body, ect.
How do you get regular Effexor instead or the generic?
Hi, this post is 8 years old, don't know that anyone on here is still around.  If you make a new post you'll always get more of a response.  But to get the brand name drug instead of a generic, you have to first check with your insurance company to see that they cover brand name drugs.  If they don't, you'll have to pay full boat yourself.  Even if they do, it will be a lot more out of pocket for you.  But brand names of any drug have a much better record of being pure than generics.  Generics aren't exactly the same as the original drug, they're close enough to be thought to work the same or similarly.  Because generics are cheap, profit margins are much lower, causing generic manufacturers to cut corners to cut costs.  They get caught a lot for this, especially Teva, the largest of them.  Most of us don't really notice a difference, but many do.
Oh, meant to say, you get the brand name by telling your psychiatrist to write the prescription for the brand name.  You get the generic if they write the prescription for the generic, which they will do automatically generally because it's less expensive and because many insurance plans don't pay for brand names at all if a generic is available.
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If you are taking the Effexor XR you need to continue with it.the same dosage.  The XR means it has an extended release and you get a leveled dose all day long. Changing to a regular form of effexor/venlafaxine would give you a one-time shot of the drug.

I can't help with the pricing.

Good Luck!
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Thank you for that advice, I will have to have that changed before they mail it to me.
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please brush up on your info regarding the difference between brand vs generic.  The only differences allowed by law are "inactive" ingredients & therefore would not affect absorb. rate.  Dr's rarely require a DAW (dispensed as written....no sub alllowed).  Most new brand name drugs are old generics with some minute chem. structural difference that doesn't improve efficiency, but does collect that brand copay.  Some ins. companies take a while to add a new generic to their formulary, or it may require a prior authorization.  Different ins. companies...even diff plans within those same insurance companies have various tiered formularies.  Basically there way of deciding what they want to cover and at what cost.  Don't you think the Dr. should make that decision.  Ins companies are the crooks...not some company making a generic & "purposely" manufacture an inferior product....not a good business model.
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I was told my my pharmacist that Effexor XR and the generic is made my the same manufacture. The price is the same to me under my medicare plan except less money is applied toward the medicare "gap" so I choose the generic. Insurance is such a scam. If it were you or me we would be up on racketeering charges.

Pharmaceuticals have big bank accounts and politicians have deep pockets.
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