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Effexor question.......

I posted about a week ago that my doctor stopped my Zoloft because it reaced its "poop out" point(stopped working) and i was experiencing really bad depression/anxiety again after being on zoloft for 18months. My doc tried Lexapro but i experienced very fast weight gain since being on it so he stopped it. i saw him tonight for a check up appointment on the Medication adjustments. Being the lexapro made me gain weight He decided to try effexor for me I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this medication? I've heard a side effect is actually weight loss? Thanks
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Hello, I am on Effexor 150mg daily.  I have put on lots of weight - but that is because it makes me feel hungry for carbohydrates.  If you control your diet you should be OK.  Some people lose weight on anti-depressants, and some people gain.

There is a lot of information about Effexor on this site.  Don't let the posts about withdrawal put you off.  I hope it works for you, and your depression soon goes.  I find Effexor has stopped all my depression and anxiety with no side effects.

Good luck, and take care.
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Thank you... yes there is a ton of people with scary effexor horror stories but everyone is different
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no one else has ne experience with effexor?
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