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Effexor vs Wellbutrin

Can any one give me their experinces between the two - it's effectiveness, side effects, which they think is better? currently on 150mg effexor, but am thinking of switch to wellbutrin - thanks
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i have never taken wellbutrin but my daughter does, i have taken effexor. for me the effexor was terrible, but some people on this site do very well with it. it made me extremly tired, heart palpitations, raised my blood pressure, jaw pain and many other problems. my daughter says the wellbutrin helps her depression but makes her anxiety worse so if you have anxiety you may have to take something for that on top of the wellbutrin. in my opinion, effexor is horrible, i hated it. but like i said, that's my opinion. do you have anxiety also? if not, wellbutrin might be a good option for you. i hopes this helps a little. take care. remar
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In my case Effexor was very effective (for 4 years) and Welbutrine was completly non-effective. I guess it kind of depends on who you ask.

These drugs are weird like that. What works for one person doesn't always work for another.

If the syptoms of your depression include Extreem fatuge, sleepiness, and lathargy, then I would opt for the Effexor. It seems to help a lot with the kind of depression that causes exaustion.
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