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Effexor withdrawal

I have been trying to taper off 300mg of effexor xr - over 2 months and I am now down to 75mg.
But I am barely functioning.  I am tired all the time, I have had times where it almost feels like I pass out from overwhelming fatique.  My ears are ringing, I have constant vertigo, etc., etc.,
Is there any way I can lessen this?  Am I better to just stop, suck it up and suffer for the few weeks and get it over with?
right now my depression has taken a back seat to the side effects of this damn drug!
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There is masses of information about Effexor withdrawl on this site.  Look back, and you will find lots of posts, and helpful, and unhelpful comments.
I have been there myself.  I think if you look at all the posts, you will get lots of information.

Good luck.
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for the record that is a really quick period of withdrawal. I'm reducing from 300mg (been on it for the past 10 years) down to zero and we have taken 6 months just to get to 150mg.
check out the other forums - it's good to see how others coped.
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I'm going to check out those sites you posted because I need to get off Effexor.  It's not a good drug and I am determined to actually do this.  I'm so scared of the withdrawal effects though.  I will check out your links.
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