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Effexor withdrawls

This may seem silly, but I was on Effexor for 2 weeks, yes only 2 weeks.  I was also taking Ativan for anxiety when needed.  Now I have taken Zoloft and a few others in the past and experienced uncomfortable withdraw symptoms, but nothing that I have experienced in the past couple of days.  From the first pill I took I felt like I was high and should have stopped right then.  I also started doing some research because of course the stupid doctors dont explain this stuff to you.  The only thing I knew was that I needed to stick to a tight schedule when taking the med.........not a big deal, I have to do this with my birth control.  Well for five days I have felt horrible.  My doctor said that he recommends me getting on Prozac to help.  Well, I don't know if its helping or not.  I am dizzy and nausouse and very irritated.  I feel like I'm a step behind in conversations.  I have had to get up and go to work and school and feel like I am being torcherd.  This medication should not be on the market, even if it does help....the withdraw symptoms are dangerous.  
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Hi Moon,

Your question is where do we go to complain. If you are in the US, the FDA is the authority to complain to.

I must point out though that Effexor is, in fact, one of the most succesful anti depressants. As such complaints about coming off the drug are likely to be balanced against the benefits gained by so many while they are taking the drug. You aren't one of them of course but do you not think others may like to continue using a med that actually helps them cope?

If your doctor does not explain that Effexor has a more than difficult coming off problem then your doctor isn't doing his or her job. You should be both asking and researching these issues BEFORE you put a drug in your mouth. I used to just take what I was prescribed too but hard experience told me to check the med out before using it, always.
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Oh ur so right...we follow like cattle and be nice and do as we are told...how often do any of us dare to question a doctor?
Or research a medication b4 popping it??
we all need to be much more pro active in our own health!!!
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