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Effexor xr 150mg

Hi im currently trying to wean off of Effexor xr 150mg a day, im taking 113.5mg a day at the moment and have been for about a week.  Im 26 weeks pregnant and wanted to be weaned off due to breastfeeding concerns.  I have been having the worst headaches and im wondering if there is anything i can do and if it is caused by the weaning? also should i be concerned about any further side effects from withdrawl?
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I would guess yes it is from the withdrawal.  When I gave it up I had severe pain in my sinus area and the ent doctor could not find anything there. It went after 3 weeks.  That was the final reduction from 50 mg.

But seeing that you are pregnant, you should have your blood pressure checked because of the headaches.  If you pop into a Doctors surgery or outpatients, they will do it for you or sometimes the pharmacist will do it if you ask them + tell them about the headaches.  Do this today I think.

I dont mean to frighten you but  It is pretty urgent to get that checked if having headaches in pregnancy.

best wishes to you and good luck
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I agree with therese83.  When I weaned off Effexor, I had brain zaps that were like lightening going off in my brain.  I hope you don't get those, but at least you're forwarned so you won't wonder if you have MS or something (like I did!).  

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