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I take effexor xl 75mg, l50mg - 225 mgs over 4 years for anxiety.  I was not able to handle the internal physical feelings I was experiencing, I basically wanted to get out of my skin and run away.  I want to get off the meds and I do know that this must be done gradually, however, how or what should I take to help with the symptoms of my anxiety.  (this anxiety has nothing to do with me worrying or obsessing,)  I know that these meds are often given to people with symptoms of depression but is there anyone out there that is experiencing the kind of anxiety I experience.  Do I have General Anxiety (it doesn't seem to be the  case from what I have read re general anxiety).  Help!!
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Unfortunately, to find out what is going on with your is best left to a psychiatrist. If you don't have one, it might be a good idea to have a sit down with one.  There are many forms of anxiety, I too sufffer from it - but since switching meds, it's been taken down quite a bit. Depression tends to go hand in hand with Anxiety - though anxiety is harder to treat and it's usually a combination of talk therapy and meds to get someone back on their feet.  CBT therapy seems to work very well, it addresses the behaviours that happen before, during and after an anxiety attack to retrain your brain. It's not an easy road, it takes a lot of work, and I know that I've needed medication support as well.  Get a referral from your family doctor, anxiety isn't as easy to treat like situational depression.

I hope this helps!
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Yes, I know what you may be going through.  I get very depressed, and there is nothing to trigger it.  This means that the serotonin in your brain is out of wac, as I have been reading and from my physciatrist.  Lexapro is a very proven drug with little side effects, that really helps you from getting depressed even if this is nothig to trigger it.  I'm on it.  the only side effect that I can tell you is that it hinders possiblly from orgasing in the act, but does not make u impotent.   I hope this helps, bust as leftcoastchick has said to you is right on.  See a good phyciatrist and he can start you out on your road to getting ballanced in your biological body.l  
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LCC is spot on really.

I agree totally that anxiety goes with depression. In fact I believe anxiety is the root source of depression, the bodily reaction, through our minds, that creates the long term problems we know as depression.

So it follows that by attacking depression the anxiety too is reduced and hopefully controlled.

My anxiety was so out of control some years back, when suicidal, that I totally forgot about eating and sleeping and basic things that are essential for sanity. The no eating was actually fine as I was carrying too much anyway but long term obviously no way. Same with sleep.

Where I'm leading to is that Effexor was the drug, with lithium, a mood stabiliser, which brought me back. Took about 6 weeks but the anxiety has never been anywhere near those levels since. A lot of talk therapy and so on since too of course.

You have been on FX for 4 years and only to 225 mgs. It would surely have stopped helping probably years ago in my experience at those levels. I went to 550 mgs and it took a while but it still reached exhaustion levels so I had to change. I go back on FX every time I really need help but have to use other stuff, usually not good, while waiting for a bodily recovery.

I'd ask the doc about either switching or increasing the dose to more efficient levels as FX is highly recognised for it's effect on anxiety. Never stay on one drug for long periods such as you have as they don't last that long, truly, they don't. Many do just keep taking it but it is mostly a waste as it stops helping. Not all for some reason but most.

Anxiety always relates to what we think Sus so whatever you think about what causes this anxiety is not accurate at all. If you didn't think and worry anxiety could not exist. Do you understand that? I'm unclear how you get anxiety except through your mind but perhaps there was a particular incident, person or event you think does not worry you. If it creates this anxiety at this level, it does worry you, big time. Run that past the doc.

Hi Joey,

Sorry but there is always something triggering it. It's our thoughts which create feelings. That's the trigger, the thoughts themselves Joey. What creates the thoughts too is also referred to as a trigger. We don't just suddenly become depressed for no reason. It is usually a gradual thing but dramatic events cause almost instant reaction.

Aboput 1/3rd of people with depression are thought to be genetically inclined to depression, or are born with that imbalance. The rest comes from environmental influences.

As we exist with those environmental factors our thinking changes from healthy to not healthy and that causes the change in chemical composition. It doesn't just happen for no reason. Even with those genetically inclined there is nearly always further factors that create or cause trouhs and waves.

As to sexual performance? Sorry again mate but one of the main problems with sex when depressed is actually the depression itself. Add in meds and you have a recipe for monks or nuns. Many focus on this issue as the most important but if that's what they search for then they cannot ever beat depression itself in my view. Focus on getting our head right and the body should follow mate.

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