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Empty Arms Syndrome explain?

Does anyone know anything about Empty Arms Syndrome? I have been told i am suffering from this slighty but i could get worse I know its a type of depression after a loss of a baby! Mine was a miscarriage 3weeks ago. I don't know much but wondered if anyone here has suffered from it &got through it and knows how it can be treated or of  any symptoms i may not be aware of or that i could suffer if i get worse? so far I just have back pain, constantly tired, cant sleep through the night, dreams of Sky (my baby) &crying randomly for no reason! anything helps xx
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Besides medication and talk therapy I would reccomend you ask about a support group for that. I had a relative go through that who has depression and it did worsen things for her and she found a support group very helpful. Women there will have been through that and can share specific coping solutions. There should be one in your area. Look it up online or in the listings in the local papers or ask your therapist for a referral.
I am also suffering from empty arm syndrome. I have been on anti depressants for years. I recently bought myself I reborn doll it helps with the empty arm syndrome.
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