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Exercise and Depression

Doctors have always told me that exercising would help me depression.  After I work out is when I am the most depressed, I feel very upset, and moody, I always end up crying, its overall a horrible experience.  It seems like it is getting worse.  Is this normal?  and what can I do to try and prevent this from happening?
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You are correct. Doctors always suggest exersise as a theraputic help for depression and anxiety. I think part of this suggestion by them is driven by their actual mis-understanding of major depression.

I do know people that are mildly depressed in which exersise seems to help them to a degree, but I think many doctors fail to understand that people with very severe cases of depression and or anxiety can't even get out of bed to take a shower. How they expect these people to go to the Gym and work out or go running is beyond me.

Funny story about exersise and depression.... I was struck down with severe depression at the age of 23. At that time I was in my 5th year of very extensive and intense body building and was at the competitive level. My physical state was off the chart perfect and yet I fell into a very dark place for no situational reason at all, as everything was perfect in my life and I had never suffered any past trama.

Months later it got so bad that I attempted suicide and was hospitalized. It was I think odd for the mental health staff to see a person with my physique in their hospital. It was like they had this impression that I was really ok. (kind of like they couldn't understand how someone that looked like me could have a severe mental illness)

When I was finnaly stable enough to go home (on medication of course) I eventually felt normal enough again to resume my body building and cardio exersise, but I know it was the meds I was on that were keeping me in a remissive state and not the exersise.

Many have different oppinions regarding exersise as it relates to depression. Some say it helps them and others (like me know that it doesn't) With my condition now in it's 18th year, I can hardly even cook a dinner or work even with the best of treatment. Exersise? Sheesh.... first tell me how to even get out of bed and face another day.

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