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Extreme Irritability

I was wondering if anyone ever gets extreme irritability? I don't mean just impatient or annoyed but physical pain, a weird restless sensation in my nervous system and at the same time feel very depressed and fatigue, when this happens I cant tolerate any noise or people. It seems like this happens about once a week or twice.
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You can get those symptoms from anxiety and/or depression.
Those symptoms are actually typical of these disorders.
Hope this helps.
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thanks for the response, yeah i have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, i am on a very low dose celexa 10 mg, i think its from lack of serotonin, because when i took extra it went away.
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I've had the exact same feelings, especially the weird restless sensation. I feel like I can't sit still, I can't tolerate ANYTHING, but at the same time I'm too tired to get up. It's really annoying and I'm not sure what causes it, but I too have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I've noticed it happens more on my days off, or days where I don't do much but lounge about so I don't know if it's pent up energy or what. It's good to know though that I'm not the only one feeling this way.
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yeah, i think i have noticed it too, when i am sitting around on the computer too much, also i noticed it goes away with the right ssri, i have had chronic irritability for years and never knew it was a symptom of depression.
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What SSRI are you on? I'm on fluoxetine but I'm wondering if I need to up my dosage. The irritability has definitely gotten worse in the last week or so.
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i am on generic celexa 20mg temporarily until i can get back on lexapro. 10mg, i am waiting for this program to kick in to get lexapro free. yeah i noticed when my dosage is upped the irritability goes away.
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