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Feeling Down and Behaviours.....

I wouldn't normally consider myself a depressed person, of course I have things in my life I am not happy with and need change and am slowly getting round to changing things, but overall I'm pretty much ok.  Sometimes though I have certain stages that I go through when all I can think about is how much I hate things in my life, my job, the day in day out boring routine life has, myself and I wish things about me were different and I do these stupid behavoiurs like lying to my work I am sick and can't go in, lying to my partner why I am home early from work when really I haven't been and I spend my day sleeping and thinking ok tomorrow is another day, I'll be better and get on with life again.  I was hoping that was going to happen today, but here I am again at home as I couldn't pick myself up and face another day of going to my job I really don't like that much, but had to take it last Septmeber to get off benefit as I had previously been made redundant from a job I really enjoyed for over five years and was unemployed for a while putting a big financial strain on my relationship.  I feel like I'm in chains sometimes and wish I were free to do what I wanted everyday.  I hate that I get like this and feel so guilty that my other half is such a trooper and just gets on with everyday life as much as they don't always want to go to work and dislike things they are strong and soldier on.  I feel like I am so weak about it as I would rather take the option of lying to people and wallowing in my unhappiness at home on my own thinking I have got to get a grip on myself.  I can go for ages without these episodes, but I'm in one right now and am asking why.....
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Hello there,

the procrastination and depressed behaviors your are talking about could really be symptoms of an underlying depression or something else like manic depression, which would explain the episodic behavior, but we are in not position to diagnose you here. I suggest you try to find a qualified therapist who might help you find some answers and let those emotions out. There are many ways to treat the condition you are in such as natural ways and pharmaceuticals. There is no better ways, Only doing simple things like eating more healthy and doing some physical activity could really help your condition as they influences your neurotransmitters and hormones. You need to find the motivation in life and get reasons to be motivated. Only the fact that some people can't even walk or get a job is a good reason to stay motivated.

Best regards,
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You may well be depressed, this is a treatable condition.  It sounds like it is getting worse lately.

I would like to ask, what do you do in your free time, to relax or to enjoy yourself?  I just think of this when i read your post?
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