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Feeling Overwhelmed

I have been feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities and things that I need to do around the house.  How do I deal with it?  I take a nap...  Then I can do a few things, but not the amount that I need to do.  Is this depression or am I just in a rut?  I don't take any meds and I get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.  My nap is usually a couple of hours and then I can still go to be at my regular time and go to sleep.  Maybe I need to take some vitamins?  Any advice?
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Um could be a range of things, best thing to do it go to the doctor and make sure it is not something psychical such as thyroid, which can give you low motivation and fatigue. If it is not something physical it maybe depression or stress or both.

Sometimes this sort of thing can be helped by diet and exercise, it can definalty go a long way to helping low energy etc but sometimes it needs more, for example medication though i would discuss that with your doctor as it can have bad side effects such as gaining weight and the list goes on. Have you ever tried yoga or pliates? That can be great for increasing energy and decreasing stress and anxiety plus it is low impact on the body, as i use to run but i use to get sore feet and and other problems but yoga or pliaties shouldn't do that.

It is such a hard thing when motivation is low and it starts to feel like all the jobs creep up on you and its this never ending cycle to try and catch up. What helps me is to take time for myself, i like to cook so i do that to help myself relax and unwind but stimulate my brain but doing something i enjoy. But boy can it be hard to even do that sometimes! but stick with something you enjoy, make sure its not all chores.

Best of luck
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You are sleeping a bit more then you need. Take some time and go outing that can be helpful.
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Thanks for the suggestions!  I do lots of fun things on the weekends but during the week it's such a chore to do the chores!  I'm thinking exercise may be the answer to get me moving!
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Agreed with freddie. If this is making it difficult for you to do the things you need to do, see your primary care provider and discuss these issues with him/her.
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