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Feeling blue

Hi, I am new to this whole Medhelp but am finding it very helpful in many aspects of my life. I am at work right now on a break and just a little while ago I felt like a curtain of **** fell over me, I don't know if I feel blue ore what I know I am not suicidal but I just feel bad. Does this ever happen to any of you out there? I just need to talk with someone who understands what I feel.
Thank you Jackie
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Hi Jackie.  Yes, this has happened to a lot of us, and it is often a sign of depression.  Feeling sad, hopeless, down, crying, are only a few of the symptoms, but you are not alone.  There are so many wonderful people on here to listen and help.  If this is interfering with your daily life, I would seek the help of your doctor to see if you need some therapy, or medication.  But we all have "blue days", this is normal, it's when it's happening more often than not, that it becomes a problem.  Evaluate what is going on in your life and see if something is making you sad, or does it just happen?  Maybe just talking will help you.  I hope this helps, and I'm sure others will respond to your post with lots of support for you.  
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Like mammo said this happens to a lot of people...We have days that it just kinda hits us and I don't think you have anything to worry about unless in becomes more frequent.

Some times when i have my bad days at night or even on my breaks at work...I will do guide relaxation...if you have an ipod you can download podcast from itunes that are free...this is also great if you are having trouble sleeping...
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