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Finally over depression

This is not a question but more of an update,
I don't have ADHD, turns out all I needed was a mood regulator and I am 100% focused and determined to fix every part of life, diagnosed with bipolar spectrum disorder

I'm taking care of my hygiene very well, I cut my hair every month, I was able to keep a job for more than 3 months and I am loving my job, previously all of these things were impossible for me to do.

I'm way more sociable, calm,

I'm on 100mg lamotrigine (one in the morning, another in the night), and cipralex (10mg morning only), and to help me sleep i take 2.5mg olanzapine.

Honestly If my parents were aware of mental illnesses I could have been on the drug way earlier, I just found out about this in July, when I posted that I want to die, I'm 23 now, just imagine how different my life would have been if I was on the drug as a teenager or something. My Psychologist tells me not to think about that and I know but I can't help but imagine it.

Previously I was on risperidone, which after a year of taking it I realized that it had completely cut off my emotions, after I tapered off of it, I saw that I got more joyful, and then when I cut it off, symptoms of mania started occurring, talking a lot, staying awake 24 hours.
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I am  truly happy you found a med that is effective for you.  P:lus other meds that help you with your psychiatric issues.
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That's great!  I have heard really excellent things about lamectil (brand name for drug you started). This sounds like the right fit for you!!  It's amazing when we start to resurface from a mental health spiral. Seeing light again is a beautiful thing. Do you also do therapy?
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Yes, 1 to 2 times a month, but honestly I feel like there's almost no need for therapy, "almost".
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Plus even the tics subsided, tho' they still occur but much less frequently
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