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Fludac 20

I am 26 male. Having problems of depression because of no sex life. Psychiatrist gave arip mt 5mg to be taken at night and fludac 20mg after breakfast...pls advice on the effect of these medicines. I am worry taking psychotic meds.  Thank you.
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The first drug is an antipsychotic, usually used for schizophrenia and mania, which you don't apparently have.  The second is Prozac, a common antidepressant in the ssri category.  But you don't get depression by not having a sex life, so that's confusing -- you might be sad about it or unhappy about it but depression is an illness with not real known cause.  The question is, how depressed are you?  Are you depressed at all or just unhappy?  Is your life severely interfered with?  Because if not, you might need therapy at most, not drugs.  What's really going on?
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I think you just need a partner not drugs. For that you have to grow your social network. Go make friends. Drugs are to an option. Make your life more happning and you will be fine.
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