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Fluoxetine side effect

I was on fluoxetine for over 6 years without any side effects, then i came off it for 6 months ,I then had to go back on it ,but it started to cause a stuffy blocked nose and ear and head pressure which then resulted in pain in and around the eye ,has anyone heard of this and has this happened to anyone else?
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While it sounds unusual (and I do NOT think it is common), I looked it up and stuffy nose and ear are side effects connect to prozac. (https://www.rxlist.com/prozac-side-effects-drug-center.htm) If you have not been on for long, you could still be balancing out in the transient phase of the medication. What dose do you take?
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20 mg ,been on it over 6 weeks now ,I do a have a nasal deviated septum on the right side and that's the side were the problems have been
The side effect is listed but truthfully, I'd be inclined to think it has to do with the deviated septum issue. How is your depression?
I hope so ,the depression is tough, I suffer from BDD , fluoxetine helped me to manage it so well, it's even more depressing that the go to medication i know helps me so well is some way back firing on me ,I'm due to get the op on my nose in the next 3 months, hopefully it will fix the issue
I'm checking to see if you got this looked at, the deviated septum. I'd talk to your doctor about this

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