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Folate deficiency and Depression

Interesting! Through genetic testing, we now know more regarding my son and what may or may not help him in terms of medication.  We learned how he metabolizes just about everything.  But we also learned that he has a cerebral deficiency of folic acid, B9. Severe.  Which is associated with depression and other psychiatric disorders. It prevents adequate neurotransmitters in the brain for serotonin. My son is being prescribed a prescription supplement that may help.  I had never heard of this before and so read a lot about it. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2682787/  and https://www.mhanational.org/folate  
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Yes, there have been threads on this website about this.  The more frequent culprit is B12.  I think the problem is with the methylization process, so with B12 the supplement needed is methyl B12.  But the genetic deficiency can also be folate or B6.  The three are in balance with one another and are often implicated in the same things.  The difficulty is, while the genetic defect is found in lots of people, it isn't thought to have an effect on very many of them and that can be a problem because supplementing with methylated Bs can be a problem if that's not your issue.  If you search the site you'll find some lengthy discussion about this that were quite interesting, but I can't remember who raised the issue and which forum it was on.
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Also, this is one of the problems that has been tied to the use of antibiotics and cortico-steroids adversely affecting beneficial flora, which also produce some of our B vitamins including folate.  Buy the way, the real stuff is folate, folic acid is the synthetic supplement that if the body uses it well produces folate, I believe.  Your son ever take a lot of antibiotics or steroids for anything when he was young?
He had your typical ear infections that he was treated for but nothing substantial. Not really out of the ordinary for little ones in terms of antibiotic usage and the only time he took steroids was in elementary school when he got a horrible skin rash all over his face.  He only took them for two days as he had a full reckoning with his tourette's when on it and it's on the list of drugs not to use. They believe from his genetic testing that this is genetic.  I've now read information about it and they are treating with a fair amount of success this situation with B9, LMethylfolate.  My son will be taking 15 mg.  They've now done a decent amount of studies looking at the L-methylfolate alone and in combination with psychiatric medications.  Don't think it will completely solve the problem but it may help.  We'll find out.  I'm optimistic. There is newer research on it at this point.  
I have, both, B-12 and folate deficiencies.   Supplementing with B-12 can mask a folate deficiency, so if my doctor hadn’t tested, I’d never known that folate was an issue.  I take a special methylated folate, along with my B-12 injections to keep levels of both where they need to be.

Pax is right that Folic Acid is synthetic  and many of us can’t use it because we can’t convert to a usable substance.  

Specialmom, I’m glad they’re getting to the bottom what might help your son.  
My son was prescribed the special methylated folate as well.  Nothing about B12 has been suggested as of yet.  But we'll see if the folate helps.  Our psychiatrist, at least, is hopeful.
Mom, this actually might be good news, and God knows you and your son could use some.  If this genetic defect is a big issue for him, supplementation might just have a big effect.  Got my fingers crossed.  
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