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Getting off Lexapro

I was on Zoloft for a few years and 4 years ago I switched to lexapro 10 mg. I want to get off it because of insomnia, weight, and sexual side effects. I was originally prescribed this by a shrink for impulse control and depression and low seretonin levels due to addiction. I am 7 months clean and sober now and I want to stop it for good. Could you recommend a reduced dosage strategy so I don't feel the dissy vertigo spells that go along with trying to stop?   Thank you
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We are not doctors and are not able to recommend what would work best for you with tapering off the drug.  Call your doctor, he knows best what will work for you.
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You're on a pretty low dose as it is.  You will probably experience the dizziness, etc.  I did with Celexa.  It shouldn't be as difficult or long-lasting as Effexor or Paxil or any of those.  As stated, you should talk to your doctor about a taper plan.  Be careful with your sobriety though.  If it's too hard, there is nothing wrong with going back on it or trying something else.  I hear you on the side effects, but those are probably better than having to get clean again.
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