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Going off Wellbutrin XL and getting back on Zoloft?

I've been on the generic form of Wellbutrin XL for the last 2 weeks - 150mg the first week then 300mg this last week.  I've had horrible nausea and have been crying all the time for nothing.  I initially switched to Wellbutrin XL to see if it would help with my weight but the side effects are so awful for me that I want to go back on my zoloft.  That seemed to work perfectly for me.  Can I stop taking the Wellbutrin since I've only been on it for 2 weeks and start taking my zoloft right away?  Thanks for any advice!
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It's best that you contact your prescribing doctor regarding this.  You have to be very careful when weaning off one and onto another.  Plus, your doctor needs to know how the Wellbutrin is affecting you and I'm sure he/she will be okay with directing you on switching back to the Zoloft.
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