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Do u guys ever feel guilty? Like u have so much to be thankful for and there are other people out there going through worse and instead of just being grateful u cant shake the rain cloud that's hanging over ur head. I feel so guilty and stupid for feeling this way all the time and because I'm so needy even when others try to help nothing seems like its enough.
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Whether or not you think someone has it worse doesn't matter.  "Normal" people have depression and anxiety as well.  These are not only our symptoms.  However, in our world what we want is to be out from under this rain loud while others may want a new car or a better job.  We have a better understanding of compassion and depression than most of the world will ever realize.

My favorite saying is "We all live in cycles.  Notice the ironies of life and enjoy them."  If you were every happy it was because you were sad at some point.  If you were ever sad it was because you were happy at some point (cycle).  If you have ever truly loved someon it is because you felt anger equal to that love at some point in life.  If you have ever experienced anger in your life it is because you experience love (cycle)....

If you ever ever experience heaven on this earth it is because you have experienced hell on this earth (cycle).....
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yes, but ur parents just say ur full of s**t
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Yes. I was feeling that way today. I think I am selfish. Then I realize that I am me and I am in trouble.  I know things could be worse like no food or being homeless or have cancer or a million things.

If I don't get better tho, I will be homeless. I am kinda a sinking ship right now.

But yes, I do feel guilty.  Right now I do.
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