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i need help i have depresion anxity panic attacks PTSD but worst of all i have agoraphobia and cant leave my home "safe zone". how can i get treatment when i cant leave my home i know i need meds cause without them i start to lose the battle so what can i do i am in columbus indiana if anyone can help PLEASE tell me. thank you!!!
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Its a bit hard to say honestly because there are agencies that would visit during a crisis time but they are for when a person needs active intervention. If you feel at that point then they could be called. But if not think about it and how you managed before without being able to leave the house. Did it gradually get to that point or were able to leave at one time or another?  Think about it. This might help regardless:
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You can also try calling your doctor and letting him/her know what's been going on. He/she can phone in a prescription for a quick-acting anti-anxiety med (xanax, klonopin, etc) to your pharmacy. The pharmacy can deliver it to your house, and you can take this to help you get out of the house and see your doctor in person. It is really important to speak with your dr. and start getting treatment either in the form of meds, therapy, lifestyle changes, or a combination of the three.

All the best..
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I think mjbrown has an excellent idea. I do know that the longer you wait, the harder it gets. Best Wishes
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thank you all for responding i am on meds at the moment but the problem is i make an appointment with my doc and when it comes time to go i just freak out and cant go its like im not in control at that moment and i dont know how to drive because of my anxity so i cant just get up any time and go omg this sux ... well where there is a will there is a way i guess.
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Most doctors will simply not prescribe those kind of drugs over the phone. I have anxiety and it was getting extreme. I have to say, but the only way you will get help and get better is to go out.  You know very well there aren't dangers, you have to be very logical in your thoughts.  If you have to repeat phrases like "it's okay" a hundred times, it will help you while you are out. Get a couple of people to go with you if you can. The only way to get help is to help yourself right?
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the problem is in my head and my world at that moment no i dont know if there is danger i can see it all around me in everything i see and do i dont run wall heaters for the fear of burning alive so its alot harder than u think and i also have anxity and trust when i say the two are not one in the same if it was just anxity i could deal with it better but this has more intense symptoms and thoughts like vomiting fainting peeing my pants and lots of other symptoms that make u want to call an ambulance if u wernt so scared of dying at the hospital.
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Don't be afraid of dying at the hospital. If things have gotten that out of hand then you might want to call one of those crisis lines but that's your decision. Sometimes going to the hospital is needed including myself before my current recovery. They can and will help you if things have gotten that out of hand. Agoraphobia can be hard to treat but if there are all of these other phobias and anxiety attacks around it and many other issues that you think need the immediate help of a psychiatrist then don't rule it out as an option.
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