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HELP! I can hardly remember anything

I'm a 17 year old male.  I didn't realize this earlier because up until recently I thought this was normal.  Well, here goes

I've had bad anxiety my whole life and I've been depressed for about 2 years now.  Ever since I've become depressed, all my memories from my whole life have become hazy and dreamlike, if existent at all.  Trying to remember what happened last week is just as hard as remembering something that happened 5 years ago.  Quite a few of my "memories" are fake; I just say they happened because people told me they did.  And for all I know, these people could be lying.  The ones I *do* remember are very hazy.  Memories of important events are almost nonexistent.  First day of high school?  I have no memory of it whatsoever.  The ceremony where I got my black belt in karate?  I can remember maybe 10 seconds of it.  Maybe a little more of it with the aid of photos. The rest is extremely hazy.  I had a junior black belt before I got my full black belt, but I don't remember getting it at all.  The only reason I know I received it is because I have the certificate.
The most scary part, however, is that my memory of last week is just as hazy as these memories.  Remembering last Monday?  That's as hard as trying to remember being born.

What the f*** is going on with my memory??  It probably has to do with being depressed because that's when it started...
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Depression can definetly effect our memory as well as meds for depression. I would go to the dr., preferably a pscychiatrist or a pscycologist.
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im the same I have post traumatic stress disorder anxiety and depression im currently not on any medication but my counsellor said it was before of stress. it dies suck you feel so stupid. apparently there's nothing you can do, it either gets better or stays like that.
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If your counselor is leading you to believe " apparently there's nothing you can do, it either gets better or stays like that.", you should get rid of that counselor.  Instead see a doctor about some medication and find a better therapist.
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