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My 14 year old son has been suffering depression n social anciety for a while now,,I have been working with his school about it,,,n he sees a counciller,,,He did somthing that shocked the **** out of me,,,,,He came into my room around 7 am,,,woke me up,,n started masterbating in my face,,,I screamed at him to go to his room,,im shocked ,,,i dont know how to talk to him about it,,,,,i have been trying so hard to help him,,,but my heands are tied,,,im at a los now,,,,,part of me wants to send him away,,,n another part of me dose not want him to think im giving up on him,,,,I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years n i never let him dicipline my son,,,but i think im going to let my boyfriend tack over,,,i cant handle the way my son is with me,,,everytime i try n dicapline him he get violent with me,,call me names,,,,he has even punched me in the head,,,,,So do u think im doing the right thing by me stepping back n letting my boyfriend tack over?????
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No its not a good idea at all. If he gets violent with you you should seperate from him. Abusive relationships are best worth ending but sometimes it can hard for the person who is experiencing the abuse to do this. I don't know why your son is showing such pathological behavior but don't see it as him doing something wrong. Instead realize its a sign that he needs psychiatric help. It could be a symptom and it could also be that he was abused himself. Have him see a counselor first and they could make a referral to a psychiatrist.
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This is much more than misbehaving.  Your son is ill and he needs to see a child psychiarist.  It's not a good time for your boyfriend to start disciplining him, but rather be supportive of you and getting your son help.  You may need to consider hospitalization for your son, just for now due to his violent behavior.  He's at an age where he could really hurt you, and it may be best for both of you.  I can't imagine the shock you felt from what he did, but just remeber that it's not him, he is ill and can't help himself.  This is something too big for you or a counselor to handle, he needs real professional help now.  The sooner you get this, the sooner he can get better.  My heart aches for you as a mother, and for him.  
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I can only tell you that I had a step father who was very abusive and my mother allowed him to go too far. Allowing another man to discipline the boy is a mistake. Doing it together is a better idea, but the boy isn't really in need of discipline. He may feel you are being take away from him or that he is being displaced. I grew up feeling worthless and so acted out a lot. Have patience, he is in a difficult period and there is a man other than his father in the house.
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