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Has anybody else cured their severe depression with Vitamin b-12 injections?

I've spent my life suffering from major depression on and off... I always seemed to bounce back until this past year and half were utter, mind-losing, gut wrenching hell. I was so depressed all I could think about was dying .. but yet things in my life weren't THAT bad. It made no sense. I was convinced and told by doctors that I had clinical depression and it was a chemical imbalance and I needed medication.

I took the drugs. They helped a bit. But now looking back I could see that they were masking my feelings and i was not myself. I could not go off the drugs because I would be so much worse but on them I had side effects no matter what I tried .. Dizziness, fatigue, slow-reaction time, blurry vision. I felt like I was slowly losing my mind.

I would take supplements (even Vitamin B12 orally - which must have done nothing), I'd work out, do yoga .. every day .. and still I felt I was losing my battle with depression. I just wanted to die. I saw a life ahead of me on medication and forever altering who I am and how I feel and what I am able to do...

After two years of reading countless articales, books and people's experiences with depression and medication .. I decided to try injecting myself with Vitamin B12 with a syringe. I literally, instantly started to feel better ...
I stopped taking my medication after tapering off within two weeks. And I kept shooting the b12 every few days in my butt.

A few weeks on .. I have more energy, more strength, more motivation and am happier and clearer than I have ever been in my life. It amazes me that all these doctors could not have told to try this? They just wanted to give me more drugs .. It makes me sick to think that I put so much trust and faith in these idiots and let them convince me that I needed them. It's no coincidence that most psychiatrists are not spiritual at all either. I hated the antidepressants. But I took them.

I don't anymore.
I am not saying that this is right for everyone. Though, I did have pretty severe depression and don't have it anymore. My work outs are much more intense and I just feel strong like I am not so worried about how I might feel in the future or what I could endure. I feel strong.

I hope that more people will try taking these injections and educating themselves about depression.
Maybe some people like those drugs.. I hated them.

Another fact, I have been a vegetarian and almost vegan most of my life... this could have something to do with the fact that I probably needed the b12, but countless doctors.. hospitals ... blood work .. nobody found that out?

I'm just saying ...
Anybody else had experiences?
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A vitamin B12 injection acts as a stimulant for energizing the body, through cobalamin, which transmits its “anti-stress” elements to the human body. For example a recommended effective cure for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is 6-70mg dose of vitamin B12 intramuscular injection per week for 3 weeks.

Is it possible you were suffering from CFS and anemia with just a mild form of depression thrown in all this time disguised as depression.

Just a thought since I can't find any clinical evidence that B12 injections alone help major depression, although vitamin B complex may be added to other medications to supplement the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Regardless, you're feeling better and that is great, but I'd still discuss the issue with your helathcare provider. Injections of B12 are not usually given as often as you are taking them.
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With depression it's important to try the options that are standing. For you, B-12 helped. I believe in the balance the body tries to get back in. My daily supplements are right now B-vitamin, Omega 6 and magnesium. This time around (I usually have horrible PMS swings) it seems to be more stable. That is a tiny little victory to me and I am delighted to hear that you found a way to stabilize your vitamin/mineral-balance too.

I don't know how usual it is to check those things when the diagnose is depression, but it sure acts in! I hoep you continue to feel in control and on top of this Daybreaker!

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Thanks Guys. So far it's been a couple weeks and teh b12 seems to really be working. I am doing daily or every other day injections of 0.5 ml to build up the b12 in my system again. I feel a lot better so I must need it.
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I am so happy for you!  Finding something that works is awesome, and getting off of the meds.  Good luck !!

BTW, where do you purchase the injections?  Just curious.

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I purchase them over the counter at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Ontario, Canada.
I am soon moving to London , Uk and will need to see if I need to bring a stock with me as I hear it's not as readily avaliable everywhere as it is here. I think in New York for example you can't buy it over the counter.


My depression was pretty bad and I've had it most of my life.. I feel like a different person since I have been doing b12, only more myself if that makes sense. It's amazing to me how the lack of one vitamin that apparently the doctor said they didn't even test for when they kept doing all my blood work.. Can you believe that?

I had to figure it out for myself.
I am not depressed anymore and I feel really strong and just a lot clearer and not feeling the anxiety or grief.
All the doctors wanted to do was give me drugs. My psychiatrist is glad I am feeling better and I'm seeing him a lot less..

It just makes me upset to think there are probably a lot of people going through the same thing and being misdiagnosed and if you were like me and hate the meds, and they were making stealing yourself and your life away from you...
then I really hope others will try this.

I do take a shot almost daily right now to build up a healthy reserve in my system..
My doctors say this ok.

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If it works for you then go for it!  Maybe you could purchase them online when you move?  I don't know if that would be an option.   I was taking B12 vitamins for a while (I was on a huge health kick) along with other vitamins, I can say, I did feel better, but not enough to get off the meds.  Although, I was close. I think when I am "healthy" I feel better in general, so if you were vitamin defient (sp?) then I can see where it would help.

Keep it up, I love your positive attitude!!

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Vit b12 taken orally did nothing for me.
It doesn't really absorb that way that's why people do the shots.
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Haven't tried the B-12 shots yet, but I do want to. I suffer from severe depression that so completly exausts me both mentally and physically that all I want to do is sleep all the time.

It's like I have absolutly no energy at all in my body or mind, even with my AD meds. My AD meds help with the depression, but not much for my cronic exaustion and severe fatuge.

So tell me more! This really helpped you get your energy level back?
How do I get the B-12 to inject? exactly how do I inject myself and with what type of syrnge?

I hate needles, but I hate my cronic sleepiness and exaustion much more, so I am open to trying ANYTHING!

More details please!
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For me the b12 initially gave me a lot more energy yes, now a few weeks on I just feel balanced out. But I am not tired as I used to be. You could be suffering from the same thing but it is hard to tell unless you try it for yourself. My depression was also severe and I felt like I was losing my mind. I feel restored now slowly.

In Canada you can buy sterile B-12 over the counter from the pharmacist as well as syringes.. I just use a normal syringe and I so 0.5 ml injections.. when I feel the need which was every day or every other day to begin ... now I'm down to every three days.
Some places you may need a perscription for needles or maybe try an AIDS clinic?? I don't know...

The best place to inject yourself with least amount of sensation or risk of mistake is in the butt.. you need to inject into a muscle not a vein...that's very important.
There is a good video on YouTube that shows you how too.. search for nurse b 12 injection..

Regardless make sure you have someone who knows what they're doing show you how, I found a simple video showed me but it was made by a nurse.
I would ask your pharmacist where you live for info, or the next time you see your doctor..

The first time you inject yourself it's scary and took me 15 mins!
But now I'm used to it-- it's not so hard to inject it in your rump.. and takes me like 2 mins. I usually do it pre-workout.

I hear Madonna is obsessed with giving herself  B12 shots as are some athletes. But rest assured it's natural and not a drug. The body will take what it needs and get rid of the rest.

I'm not a doctor so talk to someone who is or would know.
I'm not saying this is your golden ticket but it worked for me.

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I really appreciate you taking the time out to explain the shots.  I'm going to ask my dr. next time I see him.  My psych had put me on ritalin and I HATED it.  I did boost me up, but made me jittery and then I would crash.  Do you crash with the shots?  

Anyway, thanks for the info.

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No of course not. There are no side effects- b12 is just a vitamin .. unless you are deficient you won't feel much they say. But It is worth a shot as sometimes they don't test b12 in routine blood work etc. or it doesn't show up as low.
I've read there is no such thing as toxicity with b12 from taking too much but there is from taking B6 so be careful there!

B12 is natural , the body needs it .. there is certianly no crash or adverse effects, hopefully just a balancing out - bringing back to life effect which is what I experienced. Goodluck

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On a lighter note

I  read Madonna carries them around with her!

He he
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