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Has anyone NOT had sexual side effects on zoloft?

Hello all,
I am driving myself crazy by reading way too much on the internet about how Zoloft kills your sex drive, you lose genital sensation, and you'll basically never have an orgasm again.  I re-started 50 mg Zoloft two weeks ago and plan to go to 75 or possibly 100 mg.  I really need this for my emotional well-being, but I am convinced that my sex life is ruined forever.  I know there are augmentation strategies (Wellbutrin, etc) that I plan to look into once I get adjusted to the meds and hopefully feel better.  So my question is, does every single person on Zoloft go through this to some degree?  I was on it for 15 years and was able to orgasm, but with difficulty and not every time.  Then I went off for 3 months, then back on, at which point I could not orgasm for 2 months.  Fortunately it came back, but I don't know if it will this time or not.  Any advice or reassurance would be helpful.  Thanks for reading this rambling post!
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There is no symptom that every single person gets.  
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Well, yes, of course.  But I am specifically looking for those whose sex life wasn't affected, or if it was, it was mild and it went away.  I guess I just need some reassurance.  It seems that all I find online are negative things about it.  
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That's because most people who go online looking for help have had negative experiences, and doctors have left them without satisfactory answers.  There are several people on the anxiety forum who I know have been on Zoloft, and none have reported this symptom.  Doesn't mean they didn't get it, but it does mean they haven't thought it important enough to mention.  But it really doesn't matter, is my point -- no matter what anyone says, your experience is going to be your experience, not theirs.  The only way you'll ever find out for sure is to try the drug or look for an alternative treatment.  Here's hoping it works out the way you want.  And also, even if you do get sexual problems, there are ways of trying to deal with them.  Some you've mentioned, but it also helps if you know what really turns you on.  I know that sounds crass, but I got problems from antidepressants in that it was very difficult to reach orgasm during intercourse.  It's not ideal, but I knew what turned me on, and was able to still enjoy the experience even though it took longer than it would have otherwise.  
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