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Having a Hard time Getting myself to do things, that Need to be done

Hello I want to let the Support Group here that I am 2 and a Half Months off Chemo that was a Year long Treatment for Skin Cancer. Along with that, I am 35 Days Clean off Methadone, that I used for pain Medication between the two time's of getting Melanoma...So I was on Methadone for over 7 years.

So I like to get that up front and at the being of my talk here, it helps you under stand that my moods and Emotions our On High Alert...A Roller Coaster Ride is what I call it. And Not a Fun one.
So I am having a Really hard time to get up and get things done. I do take Prozac for my depression 20 Mg..and it has helped allot. And I'm taking Cal. Mag. Zinc and I also take Vit. C and I take potassium and Oh I take clonazepam 1 mg for my Anxieties... a Few of my other Phobias seem to be in High Gear Right now. Like Not wanting to go out side and Not wanting to go to the Grocery Store or much of any Place.
I for some reason Don't like to make the phone calls that I need to do for my husband and I. Like I need to go see my Shirk and I need to see my Cancer Doctor..and I should go see my M.D...but I can't make up my mind for the Cancer doctor...long story..

I'm trying to work threw each of these things and I am also trying to learn what is part of me that are fine to be that way.
Like in other words its not a bad thing to not want to go out with others...Or go to the store..Um I do go with my husband sometimes and I also go by myself sometimes....Don't like to and I'm better then I thought I would be...

Anyway does anyone have ideas on how to start getting stuff done again...How do you get yourself out of these moods or ware  it feels  like your feet  are glued to the floor.  Or Your Bottom is glued to the chair you sit in...
And what does anyone do for when your Moods Swings are High..
Well I'm sorry if I talked to much
thanks Ladyrhea4
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Our stories are so similar.  After retirement, than anal cancer, then the murder of my son last March by his father, my ex husband, I went into lockdown.  Seemed like the best way to deal with it all was just to stay in my small apt.  Let brother in law bring in groceries, as I couldn't face the store.  My cat died a few days before my son, so now I really am alone.

I sent you a note about these life events...but here is where we really connect.  The phone thing.  It can take me a day to get in the right frame of mind to make a call to doctor or dentist.  Will call sister, usually as I need her calming voice when I get out.  Am improving on answering the phone, but still like to let the messages go to voice mail and respond when I feel like it.

When it comes to calls to cancer doc.......bleck!  Hate hate hate to commit to those.  He is always either putting me through miserable tests ( I owe him one right now) or I dread the office exams.  No fun at all.  But you know we have to stay on schedule to make sure we have kicked cancer's b***!!

Here is a thing I am realizing: the firsts are the hardest.  That is...the first time I went to grocery store, I took a neighbor, then gradually started going by myself.  Now I almost look forward to going.   After recent post cancer surgery, I realized anxiety was keeping me from picking up scripts.  So I just jumped in car and got them.  No dressing up or thought involved.  Took about 15 minutes.  

I take 1 mg clonazapam daily.  It helps.  Today, I had a small victory as visited a nearby park where there is a butterfly garden.  Only stayed about 10 minutes.  Has to be short trips at this time.

Don't give up.  It takes time.  Cancer can mess with our self confidence.  It will not keep me home, unless I want to just chill for a day.

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The first approach should be an appointment with a psychologist. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is extremely good at treating phobias and therefor it is the kind of therapy I suggest trying first.

As you didn't mention any information about the pattern of your mood swing I have no clue what it could be. Borderline personality disorder mood swings can fluctuate during the day while bi-polar mood swings tend to be longer and usually linked with some manic episodes.

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I am just starting to track my Mood Swings and I do see a Shrink and I have done the Cognitive Therapy before...I was unable to Go out of the House at all at one time...Let alone into a store...
And I am on a Anti depressant..I don't know if I said or not...I'm working on things that I have done before and I know the steps...But I'm having a real hard time working threw this.
I know in my head what needs to be done. But knowing it and doing it are two different things.
I guess I'm asking if anyone else feels this way or gets this way.

Thanks for writing me back.
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