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Help pregnant and weaning off of effexor xr

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have been taking effexor e X-ray 150mg for about 6 years. My doctor explained this drug should not be taken during pregnancy. She has me weaning off. I took 75 mg. for three days then went to 37.5 mg for three days. Then I am supposed to take the 37.5 capsule every other day for a week. Basically the withdrawal symptoms are horrible. I'm nauseated beyond brief, my head is spinning and pounding. I'm constantly sweating. I am very concerned about being able to function. I feel so sick.  Any advice? How long will this last!?  Please help me!  
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Congratulations on your pregnancy.  I understand you wanting to get off the Effexor quickly as you are pregnant, but if you do not withdraw slowly, you will get withdrawals, as you are experiencing.  

I was on 150mg for years, but I am lucky and could withdraw slowly, so it took 10 months, and I was fine with no withdrawals.  You do not have that option.  I did go cold turkey off Effexor once before, and was bad for 2 weeks, and then fine until depression returned.

There are a great many posts here about withdrawing from Effexor.  It is difficult to advise you because of the need to get off Effexor quickly.  You may experience withdrawals for quite a time, it is different for each person.  

You are coming off really fast, and I wish I could help more.  You do not need this when you are pregnant.  If you are not working, then you will have to lie down and deal with the symptoms, but I do hope your doctor is more help.  Oh my dear, I am so sorry you are feeling so bad.  Effexor is great dealing with depression and anxiety, but a beast to withdraw from.  I hope that other ladies who are in the same position as you are able to help.  
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Thank you so much. Unfortunately I cannot rest because I'm a teacher and I have to work. Also this pregnancy is a bit of a surprise.  Effexor helped my anxiety so much I was just going to stay on forever.   Today I took no effexor at all and I made it through, even though I am still so sick. Ughh I cannot wait until this subsides and I return to my old self
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Oh poor you that is a job that needs your full attention, and I admire that you are carrying despite how you feel.  

I do hope you feel better soon.  I wish I could help more.
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Poor you suffering like this and your pregnant ! I came off 150 mgs Effexor cold turkey GP's fault it is one evil drug and there's no quick fix sounds like your GP has brought you off much too quickly.
These drugs effect brain chemistry when we come off them and the quicker you come off the more you suffer. They are fat soluable so store in fat and muscle in the body for however long you've been on them.
God Bless you and your baby be kind to yourself. Get things to treat the symptoms obviously you will have to be careful what you take !
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How long until you actually felt better. I am still as sick as a dog. I hate my gp doctor. How could she not inform me of the severe withdrawal I would experience if I took this drug!?  
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Hello, I seen your post and just wanted to share my experience. I was on effexor xr at 150mg for 4 years during my second year on effexor I became pregnant, my doctor told me it was safe. So I stayed on effexor throughout my whole pregnancy and even 2 yrs after. No complications or anything my daughter is now a healthy smart 9 yr old.
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