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Help with a hard dision!!

My 14 year old son has been going through depression and social anxiety,,,for along time,,he is emotional,, angry,,,lost,,confused,,he has no freinds,,he sits in his room,,,and he gets angry easy,,,and he tried doing somthing to me last week that has me in shock,,,i wrote about what he did on another pot the other day ,,he tried masterbating in my face i yelled at him to go to his room ,,,Im shocked ,,,i have tried talking to him about it but he wont talk to me,,i am suffering saver depression and social anxiety myself,,,I cant controll him,,,i love him more then anything in this world,,but i was thinking of sending him away to get help,,I know he might think that i gave up on him ,,but i would be doing this for him,,,When i was about his age i to sufferd depression but my parents did not care to get me help,so i sufferd till i moved out and im still trying suffering,,,I dont want to make the same mistake my parents did,,I want to get my son HELP,,,And im to weak emotionally to do it myself,,,So do you think sending him away to get proper help is the right thing for me to do,,,,????
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You don't need to think of "sending him away". He definitely should see a psychiatrist and if they believe he is in need of hospitalization at this time let them make that decision though you definitely should explain everything that happenned in detail to them.
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YOU have done all you can at this point to help your son, and he needs some serious professional help.  By getting this for him now, he has a good chance of living a much happier life, as well as you.  It's very obvious how much you love your son, but this is just too big to not have professional help, since he is not getting any better.  His life has to be miserable at a time when it should be fun and carefree.  Plus, you should be able to have a close, loving, happy relationship with your son.  You also need to get help with your depression and anxiety to have a better life for yourself and with your son.  Putting your son in the hospital for the care he needs is not "sending him away."  It's putting him in a controlled environment, where he can get 24 hour care and help to speed this process along before it consumes him.  You can spend as much time with him as you want, talk with him, play games with him, you won't be abandoning him, and you will still be his mom.  You need to explain to him that he is ill, and if it were diabetes, or any other serious illness you wouldn't hesitate to put him in the hospital.  I have 3 children, but my oldest son died 10 years ago, and will never be coming home, so I'm not a big fan of putting children in the hospital unless it is truly needed.  I think you and your son need this, and he will get better, and he will come home as the son you always knew was inside him. My son spent a lot of time in the hospital with a physical illness, but he always knew I loved him, and we grew even closer during those times.  I only wish he had come home to me.  You have this, you can get your son the help he desperately needs, and he will come home to YOU!  Don't feel bad about this, some things are just too big for us to do on our own and this is why we have people who spend years learning how to help people like your son.  But before any of this happens, he will need to see a psychiatrist, and it may be thru medication that he can remain at home, and go thru therapy.  Talk to the psychiatrist first, and go from there, don't think the worst.  I just want to ease you heart and mind should your son need to be in the hospital to get well.
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You need to see a neurologist your son may have some nerves compressed or he may have nerve damage that may not of showed up when he was born and tested have a thyroid test done also you can have it done 2x a yr . Do it when you recognize the signs he is really acting out as this is where the test will show it. Don't let them tlk you out of a tsh or ths I can never remember which it is the signs of hyper thyroid is acting out in strange ways cause the mind can not keep up with the body anxiety mood swings happy sad pissed itching forgetting or remembering to much at one time . is all the things he may be going thru and search the web you will find someone or a related symptom and go from there .
I found that out the hard way and now I have nerve damage in my stomach because I put off bringing it to doc attention and when I did I was right and got started on the right path!
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