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Help with depression and anxiety - meds not helping

I can’t get past depression and anxiety no matter what I try. Suggestions would be appreciated!
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Normotim is a great medication for fighting stress. It has one of the lithium salts in it, which is actively used in clinical psychiatry. At the same time, lithium ascorbate is safest and least toxic of all lithium salts. My doctor suggested this medication to me. I've been taking at the recommended dosage, one pill a day. As a result, problems with sleep went away, as did irrational irritability, I no longer feel unexplainable anxiety. I have become calmer, and I feel like a healthier person.
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Is pot oil legal in your state?  It does not get high as the THC has been removed and is also very gentle on your system without making you tired.
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They really just came out with information that was an actual clinical trial and it was ineffective.
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Hi there, sweetie.  First, take a deep breath. You are NOT alone.  Depression and anxiety can be hard to totally conquer.  I'm so sorry you are going through this.  What have you tried so far?  Very often, if the situation warrants it (based on if you can function very well or not), doctors will prescribe antidepressants as well as have you do psycho (talk) therapy. that combination can be helpful.  It takes some engagement also on your part.  Nothing changes over night.  And they say it takes around 3 weeks to break a habit. Some of our negative patterns are habits.  So, keep that in mind too.  Tell us a bit more and I will do my best to help and be here for you hon.
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Thank you for the response. I have a therapist and a psychologist. I’m taking antidepressants as well as anti anxiety meds. Some days they just don’t work. I’ve experienced a lot of grief in the past few months...I’m just hurting. I will eventually be okay.
Yes, you will.  Grief can't be rushed.  Grief isn't a disease state.  It can't be fixed by taking antidepressants or any other medication, though it can be delayed, which isn't a good thing.  So let the grief work itself out and focus on the anxiety and depression.  Nobody has all good days.  Medication doesn't cure mental illness, it just tamps down the symptoms.  Therapy might cure it if you have the right therapist.  Sometimes it takes time, depending on what it is you're suffering from.  Since you don't say what it you've tried, we don't know how to answer the question from our experience, so detailing that might bring better answers.  Peace.
Ahhh, meggsmom, I'm really sorry.  You are going through a rough time.  The thing about treating our mental health is that we will STILL have good days and bad days.  That's the human experience.  Antidepressants help us cope with the bad days but it doesn't mean we'll never be sad or blue. Many have very good luck with antidepressants combined with talk therapy.  Keep working on it, sweetie.  Do you have a supportive family or friends?  And yes, it would be helpful to know what medication you take, what kind of therapy, etc.  Just more details to help us.  But grief is very hard. I've been there with the death of a most loved one.  And am going through some difficulties now with one of my kids that really make days long and sad for me.  I understand the feeling.  hugs
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