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Helping People Help me

How do I help someone I'm in a relationship with, help me?
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That depends on what is happening?  First of all you need to try and understand what is going on....if you are not suffering from depression this will be near impossible, but understand that this is a terrible place that they are in now, and they need to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I would not have survived without my husband helping me through everything, just understanding that I may not want to get out of bed...so he made me....not wanting to talk to anyone.....so he made me.....not wanting to be part of my family or being involved with my children.....so he made me, I was even unable to work...he really encouraged me to do so....now we own our own successful business!

We talked alot, about everything. I would tell him my feelings....and even if they were nasty and mean thoughts, he would always talk it through with me.

I dont know if you will all agree with this...but it helped me...you need to be more understanding than anything, but be tough.  If there is alcohol involved....get rid of it NOW, otherwise you will be wasting your time, last but not least....do not let them walk all over you...I tried this....but then again, I can be a b*$ch sometimes.
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That's a whole lot of great advice already given. It does depend on what is going on and open communication. What I have done here at home has been to say: "Honey, today I don't feel so great because [reason mentioned]. Can you help me remind me today of the things I need to do or tell me to do so and so?"

Often enough, eye-contact reminds me that I'm not going through it alone. It is a dreadful situation to be in to ask for help, but you know that if someone asks you "can you help me?" you will probably wonder "what can I help you with"?

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