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Hi, I'm new here and need advice :/

Hello everyone I'm new, I hope you understand me, my first language is not English, but this is my experience trying to summarize a bit, two years ago, more or less, I having  General Anxiety, some doctor told me I have also symptoms of OCD, and of course some depression, I have been prescribed, some well-known medications, I get tired of taking them anyway because, it makes me  felt that my life was not normal and I really did not like the way the medications made ​​me feel, for almost two months, I've left the medications gradually, the beginning I thought it would be nice, but the anxiety started to give me problems especially on certain days a month, more exactly a week before my period, began to feel really terrified of my own thoughts, it's hard to explain, anyway what I mean is that anxiety returned, more than a week ago I started taking the capsules of St. John's wort, the early days as I felt an improvement, but like three days ago, the anxiety is at its maximum point, I blame my PMS, apparently the herb St. John is not enough these days, I had to take clonazepam,sometimes only half a pill because I had to calm down or go to sleep , I honestly do not know if, should go back to my psychiatrist or continue taking the SJW for longer to see if I finally feel a difference? I accept advice and opinions, thanks in advance, everyone have a nice day.
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I have been prescribed, some well-known medications, I get tired of taking them anyway because, it makes me felt that my lifewasnot normal and I really did not like the way the medications made me feel,for almost two months, I've left the medications gradually.

Hi, welcome to the community. I copy & pasted the bit above as I wanted to ask. Have you been gradually coming of your medication over a period of 2 months or were you only using your medication for two months before decidong to stop?

The reason I ask is because its important that you give the medication plenty of time to work before deciding its not for you. I totally respect that meds arent for everyone. But with antidepressants sometimes you can be asked to go over a trial period of up to 6 months before seeing any significant improvements. Over this time its common that your sympoms of depression and anxiety may worsen before getting better. But its important you stick with your meds for however long your doctor suggested before asking to stop or fpr a dosage change. I really hope your doctor was informayive and helpful and I understand how hard a time you must be having.

Here in the UK fluoxetine is commonly used for anxiety, depression and OCD and doctors here suggest 6 months before coming back and discussing any changes. It's really important you give your meds a chance to work, they may be the kick start you need to get you to therapy or counselling, which as a great way of addressing your anxiety and OCD.

It can all be so overwhelming I understand, but try to take small steps often towards your goal. The meds can really mess you about to begin with. You can feel worse to begin with (which is fairly common) and then frustration sets in at not feeling better but it is all part of a process.

I wish you all the best and hope to hear back soon!
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Hello, your English is very good.  Where do you live.

St John's Wort is quite helpful, although I have read it is helpful in  only mild depression.

As you already have a psychiatrist, I suggest you go back to him/her and discuss how you are feeling.

Medication  does sometimes have side effects, but you have to consider whether you would rather have anxiety and depression, or take medication.

Don't be worried that taking medication makes you feel as though you are not normal.  People have to take medication for all sorts of physical problems, so why not mental problems.  

If the St John's Wort is not helping, then possibly you need something stronger.  See a doctor or psychiatrist and discuss.

Take care, and keep in touch.
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Thanks, you are very nice, I live in Texas. I am from Colombia.

  I think , I am do have, mild depression, but my real problem is anxiety. and I did discuss with my psychiatrist , for get out of medications for a while and see what happens, he did recommended me, get out little by little, which I did, takes me about Two months, stop all medications were a total of three.
I have to explain,  I was in treatment for about a year and a half, with two different psychiatrists, the latter is a very nice guy and I think very open-minded, that's why he allowed me, to get out of the medication, and see for myself if  I can do otherwise.I have only about two weeks with sjw. Just trying to see what happens, also take Melatonin at night, replacing the drug to sleep, but sometimes I have to use the Clonazepam, only in emergencies, when anxiety becomes unmanageable.
Just wondering if the sjw, will work, I do not want to give up, I give the sjw, the opportunity to work, I have understood that would have to wait out six weeks for sjw to work, before I tried it years ago, at that time I got good results, but my condition was different, my anxiety was not as severe. I guess I should wait longer.
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Hello, Sorry for not explaining myself very well, I was in treatment for over a year, my problem is more severe anxiety, not sure if maybe I have OCD because I do not have all the symptoms, my depression is not too severe, but all these things are connected. The truth is that the Fluoxetine was part of my treatment before, but I could not tolerate, then try another things, and finally, I was taking Escitalopram, along with Clonazepam and Zolpidem to sleep, I felt good at times, but did not want to stay on medications, so I retire, I take two months to stop all medications, it was a process. My psychiatrist allowed me, he is a great guy and very open-minded, and I can always go back, but do not want to, at least not yet, I want to give a chance to sjw, but I wonder if must be taken alone or with something else to that works best?
I do not Know if you have had to take these psychiatric drugs, sometimes you feel sluggish, like you can not do the same as before, I was very active but under those drugs, I felt limited, I feel tired sleepy even stop working, partly because of the condition, because I was unable to work on one occasion by my anxiety attacks, my life changed, I want to get back on track, but I have no idea how.
I think perhaps with natural things, I might not feel so useless, I could even go back to work, who knows. I really need my life back.
By that's I came here, maybe someone this going through the same that I am suffering or maybe someone already step by this, and maybe could share the experience and if any treatment resulted for them.
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Thank you for so much background information it has been very useful.

It really is all a matter of trial and error with these things, but you seem very commited to getting better which is a brilliant start.

For me I was depressed for a long time. It was managable but gradually things worsened. I was self injuring and not eating properly. I also took panic attacks regularly and my anxiety stopped me from doing lifes simple tasks like leaving the house. Even trying to get dressed would give me panic attacks. I was on two different meds. Citalopram for a long time, which helped a little and then the fluoxetine. I had been in hospital twice over suicide attempts as my depression had gotten unbearable. But thankfully a nice nurse gpt me in touch with the right people and I went through minfulness classes, counselling and therapy over the space of 5 months. Somewhere in the middle of all that treatment I decided to go off my meds. Not because they were making life difficult, I just felt ready. I didn't feel any worse off them than i dis on them and I was tired pf pumping my body full of drugs.

I began to feel normal again and continued to push myself out of my cpnfort zones to defeat my anxiety. Anxiety becomes habitual. It's like your brain has a guard dog barking, telling you there's danger. Bit the reality of it is that the situation isn't dangerous, we will be fine. That is what ypu have to tell yourself. I would NEVER have learned all these amazing coping skills without therapy so imm glad you have a professional who you like and who seems to be understanding.

I would ask him to really focus on getting your anxiety under control and the rest might possibly fall into place as anxiety and make you feel so restricted and trapped. It's also important to keep on top of the depression. It may be minor but look for warning signs that it may be getting worse or changes on your mood.

I can say now that I feel so I'm control now, genuinely the happiest I have been in a long time. But i worked hard to get here, even when i thought the professionals didn't know what's best for me I stuck with it in the hope I might learn even 1 valuable thing to get me through this. It is hard but the benefits are boundless. If your doctor supports your decision to go off meds then go for it and see how things go. It worked for me but everyones different after all. The other alternatives are therapy and classes. Look for local centres and clubs which could be a support group for you. An understanding group of like minded people can be very uplifiting and something to look forward to. My mindfulness classes helped me a lot, socially and mentally.

I really hope all goes well for you. Just let me know if you ever need more info or if your unsure of anything.
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Thanks, I will continue trying the St. John's wort, and according to what I read, the overall results can be seen within six weeks of continuous use, but some people see the results before, I have about two weeks of taking it, hope is the last to be lost.
I will be informing you the progress of my experiment with St. John's Wort, wish me luck.
You have a nice day :)
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Not know exactly how many days I've been taking St johns, but more or less took two weeks and started the third, I have added 5-htp just to see what happens, and do not know if it's my imagination, but is working much better this way, the change is very subtle, as it is slowly but progressively, today I was visit my psychiatrist,he allowed me to follow my natural treatment, and he would watch my progress every month, of course he was a little skeptical, but he allowed me to continue, even gave me a prescription for emergency of clonazepam, hope not to need it. That's my report for today. :)
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