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Hi there,

Iv recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and iv literally lost my appetite,any stodgy sort of food is very difficult to eat! Does anyone else have this issue? I’m on day 3 of taking Citalopram also.
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What's stodgy food?  Depression can cause loss of appetite.  Can also make one eat more.  Funny thing, depression.  There are also side effects when you start medication, and it takes a while before the effects begin.  Sometimes they affect appetite -- can make you want to eat everything that isn't tied down or nothing at all.  Can go both ways.  Are you in therapy as well?
Hi there,
By stodgy I mean, fried foods, anything heavy really!
Iv actually had a better day today with regards to my appetite but for a few days it was an effort to eat and I put it down to a side effect of the Citalopram, it was an awful feeling and not being able to eat was a whole new anxiety!
Yes, Iv seeked therapy and this will be starting ASAP.
One of the most common side effects of antidepressants are digestive problems.  Sometimes they go away, sometimes not.  They can often be dealt with with dietary changes and lifestyle changes and gentle natural remedies.  When a drug works really well, those kinds of things are easier to take than when they don't.  As for medication in general, as they're problematic as any invasive medical treatment is, if your life is going okay therapy is a less invasive place to start.  If your life is not going at all well, medication often is necessary.  But it doesn't cure, it tamps down symptoms.  Good luck.
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