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Holiday Depression

When you give to others, does that help relieve depression? Pamela
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It will depend upon you and if that brings you joy.  The extent of the depression will also factor in.

Do you tend to get more depressed during the holidays in general?  If so, have you tried a sun lamp?
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Hi. One year I was alone. I went to the VA hospital & set a goal of 20 min each patient. Then I asked to visit patients whom had no visitors. I took a huge bag of stuffed animals with me.
The people were all so grateful. It was even hard to keep to my 20 min. Some would have let me stay all day.
Yes. I felt less alone & much better after that experience.
I'm here almost at the Equator in Costa Rica for 3 months. Thanks for the light box idea though!  Pamela
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Sounds like volunteering to do something like that might be a great idea to try, then, if it's possible in Costa Rica!  Hope things start looking up for you.
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