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How can I help my boyfriend?

My boyfriend has been depressed since he was 7, due to an extremely damaging relationship with his father, who is no longer in his life. We're 17 now. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as well.
He sees a therapist, and he's getting a psychiatric assessment done, and he talks to me about how he's feeling and what's been bothering him. He says he's been feeling worse and worse for the past few months, even though he says nothing significantly upsetting has occurred lately.
He's strongly against taking anti-depressants, because he doesn't want his feelings to be caused artificially, and he believes his body should fight this off on its own. He feels this way for any type of medication, really.
What are some alternatives to anti-depressants that could help him? And what else could I do to help him get through this. He's a really amazing guy, and he really deserves to be happy. I want to do everything possible on my part to help him.
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I've been dealing with depression since the 5th grade, so I understand where he's coming from.

However, as far as I know, there is no natural way for one's body to fight off depression, unfortunately.

He is seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, which is good. Best bet is to talk to the psychiatrist to see if there are natural/homeopathic remedies he can try prior to being put on any prescribed medications.

Hope this helps, and hope things get better for him!
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It's unfortunate he views medication the way he does.  The medication does not produce emotions.  Sometimes one can feel like a zombie while on it for the first few weeks due to drowsiness side effects; however, it does NOT produce emotions.  That's on him to produce them.  And unfortunately, depression is a brain chemical imbalance.  It's physical in cause but emotional in how it presents itself.  His body is not producing enough of something he needs and help is needed to get it back in balance--at least until his therapist and him can develop some techniques and coping mechanisms to get the depression and PTS under better control.

I would suggest he talks to his psychiatrist about starting some natural/homeopathic remedies.  There are some out there, but I don't want to mention it in case he gets on a medication.  Certain supplements can help, but they can also interact to his detriment if he decides to get on medications at any point in his life and forgets to tell his doctor or psychiatrist.  It's imperative his medical doctor and psychiatrist know what he takes supplementally because of such interactions.
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