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How come no one answered my post???

Just wondering why no one answered the post that I put on here yesterday...? I really needed some answers and no one posted anything. I find that really odd. I also post in the pregnancy forum and I can usually get a response within a few minutes of posting...

Anyway, here is what I posted yesterday. Can anyone help me???

Hi everyone. I was recently prescribed Prozac 20 mg by my doctor this past Monday. I have been battling severe depression ever since my daughter was born 6 months ago and finally broke down and saw my doctor. The question I have is....how high of a strength is what they gave me? How long until I start feeling better? And are there any side effects that I should be concerned about? I also take about 30 mg's of vicodin for severe back pain and 600 mg's of Neurontin a day. Would either of these 2  clash with the Prozac?? Please help. I can't wait to start feeling like "myself" again.

Thanks and I really hope that I can get some sort of response from someone today.

~Danielle :-)
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oh, one thing i forgot to mention, as far as the dosage is concerned...I was told by my primary care physician that they always start out with the lowest dosage then gradually increase it to get the desired affect.

I hope this makes since, i'm having the same problem, i was prescribed Trazodone, and i'm kind of scared to take it - it's a 50mg tablet, and its the lowest dose but i'm afraid its gonna make me worse you know?

If you feel prozac isn't doing its job, please see a doctor right away. My boyfriend was on prozac and he said it messed him up pretty bad.
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Well i can't tell you whether or not it is safe to take neurontin, prozac, and vicodin.

I'd be very careful mixing prescription drugs - your local pharmacist should be able to tell you whether or not it is safe to take the three together.

If your depression worsens i'd make an appointment with your primary care physician as soon as possible. I hope you get back to feeling normal, and i'm sorry you feel depressed.
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I just want to tell you to be careful with the vicodin. I was prescribed anti-depressants along with vicodin, but the vicodin became my anti-depressant and I started abusing it, which led to more problems.  Just a word of caution.
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I don't get on here that often, and failed to see your post.  Congrats on being a Mommy! :)  From what I read in the past Prozac or Sarafem is the best stuff to help baby blues, pms. etc.  Anyway just call your pharmacist about drug intereactions, they can tell you. I don't know anything else to tell you, other than it sounds like your depression is caused from having the baby, so make sure you STAY TREATED until symptoms subside, PLEASE, i would not wish full time depression on anyone.  
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Sorry no one has responded to you yet.

I guess the Forum has been kind of slow lately.

To answer your questions: No, 20Mgs a day of Prozac is not a large dosage. Dosages for prozac range from 20Mgs a day up to 60Mgs a day.

You can expect it to be between 3 to 6 weeks before any theraputic effects of the Prozac kick in.

The most common side effects are Dry mouth, (almost everyone gets this) and either constipation or Diareea. That one kind of depends on the person.

You may also experience some loss of sex drive. In most cases this loss of sex drive will deminish with time, but for some it can be a problem.

If the Prozac makes you feel sleepy after taking it, then it's ok to take it at night.

Regarding the Vicotin interaction.... I'm pretty sure there is no interaction with Vicotin and Prozac, not sure about Neurontin. You can ask your Pharmasists and they can tell you.
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