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How long until get my libido back on Cipralex Seroquel and Wellbutrin?

I'm on Cipralex 15mg for anxiety and depression and Seroquel 20mg at night for insomnia. I've been on remeron/mirtazapine before and had no sexual disfunction issues, however I haven't had the interest in sex/intimacy or ability to orgasm since a month prior to getting on the meds.

I just started taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg because I'm told it should help with the sexual disfunction. How long until I notice a difference?

Do you think I'm on too many medications? I've always just been on one pill when I am on antidepressants. I have MDD and borderline personality disorder.
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Since you've had the problem since before you started the meds, it's pretty hard to attach it to them, don't you think?  Depression can also cause sexual problems, particularly lack of desire.  So I'm a bit confused -- are you blaming the drugs for it?  Am I getting the timeline wrong?  If what I'm reading is right and you had sexual dysfunction while on no medication at all, as you seem to indicate, that kind of alters the Wellbutrin question.  Wellbutrin is a very stimulating antidepressant, and for that reason has fewer weight gain issues and sexual dysfunction issues than other meds.  When you're on an antidepressant that causes sexual problems but it's working for your depression or anxiety, one approach is to add Wellbutrin to it to see if the stimulation of the drug will counter the more sedating effects of, say, an ssri.  But if your sexual problems are being caused by depression, then treating the depression is the fix.  If it's from some other potential cause you're not mentioning, such as a hormonal problem, no drug that treats mental illness treats those other problems.  As to whether you're on too many drugs, maybe.  Taking Seroquel for insomnia is popular with uninformed docs -- I know, that's going to be controversial to say with other folks on here because it's a gross blanket generalization, but I say that because it's not being used because it treats the cause of insomnia unless you're psychotic, it is being used for an unwanted side effect of being one of the most sedating meds out there.  Of course, you've already been on a really sedating drug, Remeron, and you seemed to do well on it, but Seroquel is an antipsychotic that is used for sleep because the manufacturer illegally marketed it for that.  It was sued and fined heavily by the gov't agencies that regulate drugs in many countries, including the FDA, but docs are still using it for this despite the fact that antipsychotics can be very difficult drugs to take and if you're not psychotic and other things work than you stay away from them.  They are turned to when nothing else has worked.  I would try to solve your insomnia problem without medication if you can, and I know that's probably a lot easier said than done, but taking drugs because they make you sleepy can make the insomnia get worse over time.  I would assume that if you find something that works for your depression, you exercise, meditate, eat well, etc. and try gentle aids to help you sleep that you would sleep better.  For example, when you said the Remeron was working, did you sleep better?  You and your psychiatrist are the ones to determine if you're on too many drugs, not us.  Sometimes drugs work better in combination, so too many depends on how well you've done when taking just one.  So if you're on Cipralex, the thing to do is take it long enough to see if it works.  If it works but you need something more, that's when you add a drug.  If it doesn't work at all or very well, you don't add to it, you try something else.  Best of luck.
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Thank you for your knowledge and response! No, my sex life was great off medication and when I was on Celexa and Remeron. I was off them for a year and then got on these and to my surprise, sexual dysfunction majorly. Hopefully Wellbutrin does the job and counters that then. I'm assuming a couple weeks to a month before I notice a difference? And interesting about the Seroquel. I have no problem getting to sleep, it's staying asleep as I wake up constantly and sometimes got long periods of times so Seroquel keeps me groggy when I get up to pee. I didn't know that about Seroquel but i'll definitely bring it up with him and talk about other options.
You know, I have this problem, but for me it was caused by going off of Paxil.  I got an uncommonly horrid withdrawal from it that has never gone away.  I wake up every hour or two, and because I'm an old guy who had prostate surgery, I always have to pee as well.  It's hard constantly having to start over relaxing to sleep.  For me, regular heavy exercise helped a lot, but it also left me with so many injuries exercising on so little sleep for so long that now I can't exercise and at some point I just stop sleeping long before I'm ready to be up.  For you, assuming this isn't the result of stopping a med or a side effect of a med you're on now, then we have to assume it's being caused by your depression, though I don't really know -- it could be a sleep disorder of some kind.  You and I and most people with mental illness have been on a lot of meds and they can cause long-term sleep problems.  But so can sedating drugs like sleeping pills or Seroquel if taken regularly, plus with Seroquel you're also getting the side effects of an anypsychotic, which might be none at all or a lot but you can't tell because you're on three drugs at once.  That's why I say, it takes time to see if an antidepressant is going to work, and if the doctor keeps adding other drugs before a sufficient trial has been done with the main one there's just no way to tell if it's going to work at all.  Again, assuming your sleep problem is caused by depression, and I don't claim to know if it is or not, there are many types of sleep disorders, if the cipralex works you don't need the other meds.  If it doesn't work at all, you don't want to take it at all.  Good luck to you.
Yeah my sleep problems started in highschool then I got put on remeron years later. Then off it and slept fine for another year then got back on it, then off and now Seroquel cause I refused remeron. I'd be interested in a sleep study though, as you said it might be a sleep disorder. The anxiety of being awake and worried about sleeping I think is what makes me feel I need to pee, so I get up multiple times a night too. Thank you so much for the advice, I appreciate you taking the time to respond and help me understand this all more.
The important thing about sleep is to learn to do it without the help of medication.  It's the only real solution.  Some find very gentle aids like chamomile tea or valerian (don't take if you're on a benzo) or homeopathic remedies do the trick.  Some find meditation (not right before sleep) help.  Most find exercise to be essential to sleep when we have an anxiety problem.  Some find yoga does it.  Progressive muscle relaxation while you're lying in bed can do it for some.  Hypnosis works for some.  There are a lot of things to try out there that aren't medication, and if any of them work, you don't risk rebound insomnia.  In my case, my disorder is from medication, and naturally given my luck, there's not a lot of good treatment for that one because something that nobody knows why or what has gone awry.  You should be fine with some work.  All the best.
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