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How to come off Venlafaxine without the dizziness

Ive been on Venlafaxine for about 2 years.  Im now down to 37.5 every other day, which I know is an incredibly low dose, but if I try going any longer without them I get the dizziness or brain shivers.  As others will know - its awful!  I lasted about 4 days before, but the dizziness did not let up for the whole 4 days, so I gave in and took a tablet - the dizziness stopped within 30 mins!

If I try taking half a tablet - it only lasts half the time before the dizziness starts, so cutting down this way doesnt seem to work.

SO, does anyone know a better way OR has anyone gone through the dizziness and how long does it take before it stops.

Feel like I will never get off these bloomin tablets.  I dont feel depressed when I dont take them, just really dizzy.

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prozac or SSRI bridge method would help ease the withdrawals i'd say as they would'nt be so severe then and as there appears to be a consensus that prozac appears to be somewhat easier to come off that Venlafaxine. Came off it myself and was'nt nowhere near as bad as what i was fearing last year i think.
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Cutting back on Venalafaxine's not easy for sure, I'm cutting back from 150 mg to 75 mg, but going to take at least a couple of months to do it. On the days I cut back I'm more irritable, quick tempered & feel 'troubled', could just be my psych. reaction to knowing I'm cutting back & anticipating withdrawal symptoms. The intention's to stay on 75 mg if it works. Won't risk a relapse by coming completely off meds. I'm fairly old, so it's less of a problem than it would be for a younger person. Wish you luck with your regime, hope it works out OK. George
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Hi George

Thanks for your comment.  Hope you are successful in your cutting back.  Ive been fine all the time ive gone to a lower dose, its just this last stage in coming off completely from the lowest dose.  I hate the dizzy feeling, its awful :o(
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see similiar themed post down the page
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