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How to quit zyprexa?

When I was in college I had from time to time insomnia problems (2,3 days without sleeping) and a light depression. The doctor recommended zyprexa.Strangely, after taking zyprexa for 1,2 months, I wasn't able to learn anything for school and because of that I had a panic attack - didn't left house for a month - I can't understand how did it happen.
So, I've been taking zyprexa for 7 years. I want to quit now but I have little success. I've been trying for a year, but I can't stop taking it for more than 3,4 days. My brain doesn't stop thinking - I can't fall at sleep. I also feel some anxiety when not taking zyprexa. What options are for quitting zyprexa?
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I am so sorry that a Dr. would prescribe this class of drug for insomnia. Were you diagnosed as psychotic, bipolar, or something else? This class of drugs are  called antipsychotics. When we need quality sleep, there are plenty of sleep aids available that are quite effective - Ambien, Sonata, etc., to name a few.

Who is rx'ing this drug to you? If you want to get off of this, I suggest you find another physician, hopefully a well qualified psychiatrist, who will help you in the withdrawal.

Also, google Dr. Peter Breggin - you may find a good resource for advice on weaning off of antipsychotics. He's a highly regarded psychiatrist with many publications about this class of drugs, and other mistreatments that happen to patients in the psychiatric field.

I wish you the very best in getting your life back!!
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I am brazilian so please forgive my English mistakes.

I´ve ben put on Zyprexa for about 10 months due to Post-traumatic disorder and Psychosis. The starting doses was 10mg and in the first two months I gained 33 lbs and then complained to my doctor about weight gain, tiredness and lack of motivation. He agreed to reduce my dose to 5mg and gave me the freedom to test even if 2.5mg woudn´t feel better so after a month I was on 2.5mg and felt overall better and could control my weight again.

Two months ago I decided I was stable and that I was better before I started taking this medication so I decided to get off it by myself since I have consulted with 5 different psychiatrist and I was dissapointed with all of them for different reasons. I don´t think It was a good decision, I believe I should have asked a doctor about it.

So I did some research on Internet and based on other's experiences I decided I had to taper off very slowly. I bought a very accurate milligram scale that can measure each 0.001 G. I started to take away 0.001g every day for some time (My 2.5mg zyprexa comes on a capsule filled with a white powder which acctually weights 160mg)... I started at 2.5 mg and when i was about 1.9mg I didn´t feel very good so I decided to reduce 0.001 G every other day... Now I am at 1.05 and I am feeling OK, my sleep is not that great but I have been sleeping 9 hours a day and I do feel a little irritaded and tired but overall I am glad I am becoming my old self again.

I would recommend this site for you in addition.

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