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I Feel like I am Going to Explode with Anxiety

When you first go back on medication does it make anxiety worse?  I am three weeks into low dose (75mg) of Venaflaxine, generic form, and anxiety is terrible.  Will go on higher dose when my body gets used to the medication.  I feel like I am going to explode with my heart trying to leap out of my body, and shaking all the time.  I thought I would begin to feel better, and I feel much worse.  I am too ill even to phone doctor and make an appointment.  So agitated.  So ill.  Help.
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I think Effexor can make anxiety worse at first.  There are others here who know more.  But yours sounds quite severe.  I would call your doctor and talk to the nurse about it.  You might not have to come in.  See if they can help you.
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*****.com lists anxiety as the most common side effect while going on to FX. It settles down though and will improve in a while. You are not too sick to see your doctor, you are never too sick to do that. Do it and discuss the problem instead of sitting there freaking out. Please.
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Also keep in mind that your on Generic Venlafaxne which has no sustained slow release property to it like the name brand Effexor XR.

This makes a big difference because Venlafaxine (Generic) has a very fast onset of release which may excite anxiety in some people prone to anxiety.

Effexor XR has a much slower release and avoids this spike with it's extended release properties. Venlafaxine also has a pretty short half life also, which is why Effexor was designed with this slow release effect. This effect eliminates the spikes and fast drops from the drug in Effexor XR which is Venlafaxine.

In shot this is why most people prefer Effexor XR vs Venlafaxine even though they are the same active chemical.

Did I explain that good enough?
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What Hensley says sounds great. Weren't you on Effexor XR before. Maybe you won't be able to take the generic. I took Wellbutrin for awhile, tried it again years later and thought I was losing it.
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I am on Viapax XL and was on Effexor XL before.  Anxiety so bad had to call doctor out today.  Now on more pills for anxiety.  I wish I wasn't going through all these.  I can't cope.  I can't help freaking out, I am ill!!  I am too bad to go to doctors.  Some of you understand that, and others don't.  I am a weak person whodunnit, not strong like you. You make things sound too easy.  Please try and understand.
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I am having similar issues with increased anxiety upon restarting my antidepressive med. I feel for you. The only thing that helps me is taking a little antianxiety med the first couple weeks along with the antidepressive. Yesterday, I was totally freaking out and this site helped me alot. Also, having a family member to talk too that understands helps also. I too have thought at times that I was too sick to get to the DR.,  but that is the exact time that it is crucial to see your Dr.
  You say you are not strong enough and I so know that feeling, but we are all stronger than we think and sometimes I have had to push myself to do what I must to feel better. Do you have anyone who could drive you to the Dr. and go and support you?  Please atleast call and talk to the nurse!!
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