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I HAVE to get off this Wellbutrin XL 300

PLEASE ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN WEANED OFF THE WB 300XL, can you tell me the weaning schedule??

Sadly, my Psych is a jerk and told me last time that if I did not take the meds, he would no longer treat me.  This is a Workers Comp case, so if I tell him I want to stop taking the meds, he will drop me, and my case will be closed.

I have gained 20 lbs in 2 months, am angry and irritable all the time, punched a guy in the face last week - thank goodness he felt sorry for me and didn't press charges. (he pulled in front of me at  a gas station, I reached through his open window and cracked him in the face).  I have lashed out at my husband and he is at his wits end as well.

Since last week I have stopped taking it every other day, and can tell I already feel better, then when I stopped for two days, better again.

I am wondering if I should just take it every other day, or one day on, two days off for a month, then three days off, then four, etc..

Wish I could talk to my Psych about it, but he's really not very nice.  I was sent to him by the Insurance Co and have no other choice. I just want to be done with this med, as it does not work for me.

I take 1mg Klonopin at night and will continue to take that, as it has helped me immensely.  As a matter of fact, I felt better when I was just taking that.

Please, I need the advice as I feel like I will really snap soon.
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Talk to a pharmacist. They can give lots of info about the drug effects and weaning schedule.
Also don't you need to replace it with something else? Your mood seems excessive, but I am not the one to know what you need. I switched from Wellbutrin to Celexa and had no problems, but Celexa can take a long time to get rid of.  
I know nothing about Klonopin but maybe someone else on this board can help.
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I see from your other posts that you have only been on Wellbutrin for a few weeks, so don't understand the gained weight over 2 months part of your story. Wellbutrin takes 6 to 8 weeks for the maximum effect as it builds in your brain's system, so perhaps that is your Psych's frustration.
Please write back and provide more background.
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I think you missed the post where is says I have been taking it since October 4th


I have been having horrible symptoms ever since. I thought it was because the med was generic, but even after getting the brand name, I still feel like ****. My posts even look rambling, disjointed, fearful and crazy.

I was on celexa before and slept all the time, and was numb to the world. I have never felt this angry, aggressive and irritable before. (on or off medication)

I think I'll be replacing the WB with exercise, good eating, and some good vitamins and supplements.  I have been seeing a therapist for over a year, and since this is more of a post traumatic stress type depression, and not clinical depression, I'll be fine.  Maybe that's why it's not working for me - I don't really need it.

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The generic has the same composition of active ingredients as far as I know. Otherwise they would have to go through drug trials.

I hope you are correct when you say you don't need meds, but why does the Psych feel differently? And what does your doc say?

Punching is murder in the eye of the law if you hit the wrong spot, whether you intended to do it or not. You are responsible for your actions and punching is not excused.
I posted before that just one punch over a neighbour's fence that killed a guy before he hit the ground ended up with murder charges to the puncher. You need to get professional advice as to what caused you to react so violently. You can't take the chance that it may happen again.
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"Punching is murder in the eye of the law"  No, it's not. It's assault unless the person dies, and THEN it's murder.  And when did I try to excuse myself? If you are going to be condescending, STFU.  I'm looking for help here, not a lecture. I already have a Mom, thanks.

The WB is what is making me react so violently. What works for some does not work for all.  Our chemistry is different. If WB worked for everyone, it would be the only pill on the market.

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STFU, assault and punching all in the last week.

Maybe someone else on this board has advice for you. I bear you no ill will, and hope all turns out right.

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So much for help here.

I'll just stop taking it and let the chips fall where they may.
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Can you get info from your pharmacist? They will often just refer your to a doctor to avoid overstepping their legal boundaries, but at the same time will give enough information to resolve your question. It helps a lot if you had the prescription filled at the pharmacy where you are asking questions.
When I was on depression/anxiety meds I used a chain for prescriptions because they were open long hours which I made use of whenever I had a question. There are so many things that can go wrong that I found I needed advice to make sure everything was all right whenever my mind or body even burped. finding a chatty pharmacist was a real stroke of luck, becasue many of them just briefly answered my questions, whereas the chatty one seemed like she couldn't help enough.
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