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I believe weather is effecting my mental health


Just wondering if the weather could be effecting my mental health,
originally from the Mediterranean, our family move to the Upper Midwest when I was young.
( yea I know, why right ? ) my problem is that when ever its overcast and humid, or during winter months ( about 6 of them here ) I get the blues, I dot care to finish anything, my eyes feel heavy, I feel like the back upper part of my eye sockets are sore, even seems like its hard to breath.

My questions are,

1 does this seem far fetched.
2 if not, what areas of the US would better suit someone that suffers from these symptoms.
3 how do you get your spouse to believe your suffering, and that an aspirin wont work.
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Sounds like you have S A D Seasonal Affective Disorder...i live in the UK and in the winter months i get the "Blues" big time...i believe it is treated with Light Therapy...hope this info is useful to you.
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No it isnt farfetched.I have the most trouble with depression side of my bi polar in Jan, FEb, and Mar.Funky monkey is right about the SAd disorder.Now dont laugh I also go manic around the time of the full moon.
Thankfull here on Oklahoma spring comes early so the depression lifts about the time of the first bloom of the redbuds in middle Marc.
Let meknow how it goes.
Love Venora
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Winters here suck, you need to go to a warm vacation place at least once a winter or you will go crazy. Florida or the California coast. Seems natural to want nice weather and be depressed otherwise.

about "S.A.D." I don't know why they call it a disorder. Maybe I have fall off the ladder disorder? I think you are just normally sensitive to your environment.

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