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I don't understand what's wrong

I dont understand what's wrong. It started with feeling low and detaching from friends and family. I have no friends anymore, i rarely interact with others.
Recently ive started to feel really weird. I feel watched all the time, and when im out i feel like everyones either watching me or talking abkut me in a derogatory manner. And i cant talk to others anymore.
My thoughts have become weird and sometimes dont make sense. At night when i try to sleep they become so fast they turn to tv static, or so loud that i can hear one or two.
And i can see stuff out of the corner of my eyes, like im being watched probably thats why.
And its kinda weird. All this has made so hard to function normally in everyday life. Im a 20 yr old female, student. But my studies is just going so bad cz of this, cz i cant find energy or motivation to get up and get going.
Sometimes i can distract myself from thoughts and weird stuff if i keep myself busy.
Am i overthinking ? Or am i just depressed and i need some anti depressants maybe, do i need to interact with some people ? But whats the point it makes me feel terrible. I dont understand whats wrong and the cause, i cant find a solution.
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Gosh, I am sorry -- SO sorry--  you are going through this. I'm also sorry for not yet responding. You need support. I don't know your age. But I think for certain, you should begin seeing a psychologist. Talk therapy helps tremendously. There are different forms of therapy that can be helpful. One that sounds like it could be beneficial to you is DBT. This is a form that talks about grounding. When you feel watched or seeing things, grounding brings you to the present and centers your thought intentionally. It gives strategies for getting through terrible moments of heightened emotion, anxiety, sadness. coping skills. relaxation skills, etc. And CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy could also really help. This involves looking for faulty patterns of thinking and challenging thoughts. The concept of doing the opposite. Feel like staying in bed? Force self to get up. I know that's very hard when depressed but small little goals to do things you don't want to helps. (text one person today . . . to make contact with someone, for example). Behavioral activation is something else I really like. So, there ARE things you like probably. Doing more of those things helps enhance mood and brings on the desire and strength to do more of it. It's healing. But overall, I don't know your diagnosis nor do you. A hyper sense of awareness is tricky.

Interacting with people IS a way to feel better. Isolation is a symptom of mental health. The idea that it won't benefit you or be worth it or that it makes you feel terrible is all wrapped up in the mental health issue. Yes, medication could be very helpful.

Do you have access to a psychologist?
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My son was very much like you. However he also had suicidal ideation. Through therapy, treatment and medication, he is doing better.

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