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I don't understand

I have been seeing a behaivoral health therapist and a psychiatrist. And have been taking medication for depression for a few weeks. I know not to expect anything to out of blue change. I have been having panick attacks and my psychiatrist says I have anxiety. But the thing I'm wondering is...what exactly is my problem? Anxiety and being depressed aren't the only problems. The thing is I have these episodes where I completely break down, shake, yell, scream, cry uncontrollably, and i just don't get it.In these episodes I feel as if every emotion in me comes out.  I get annoyed at the littlest things. I cry all the time. I cry when my mom asks me what we should eat and I can't decide. Its gotten to the point where I just don't even know whats wrong with me. I mean, is that depression?
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Often our depression and/or anxiety has a root cause, which is normally something traumatic from our past that we never truly dealt with.  Sometimes it just happens, and this is one reason therapy is vital in your recovery. Once your medication kicks in, you will feel much better.  But therapy will teach you so much about yourself, why you feel as you do, how to cope, and think differently.  Don't put too much pressure on yourself right now, one day at a time, it will get better.  Unfortunately, we tend to take our frustrations at all of this out on those closest to us, which is not fair to them.  When you aren't angry go to your mom and just let her know that you don't mean to get angry at her, it's more that you're angry at yourself for not being able to make a decision. I feel you are angry at how you feel, and not knowing why, and this is common. You are doing everything right to get yourself in a better place. All of this will come together and you will be able to make sense out of it all, and deal with it properly.  Be patient with your meds and most of all.... yourself. It will get better and you will have the happy life you want and deserve.  Stay and talk or vent to us, we all understand and care.  Journal your feelings and emotions, this is very therapeutic.  Putting all this down on paper is a form of release for you, even if you just throw it away afterwards. I wish you all the best, it will get better and you take care.
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Well it sounds like you got something. We all want to be happy. Well at least happy some days and being really upset as you describe is not happy. I know what thats like.

You've been seeing specialist so you clearly got the same problems most of us around here got. Having the problem is one thing and dealing with it is another. Both are unpleasant - but the symptoms come and go.

Please dont be angry at your mother. She loves you so much and it would hurt her to see you in pain. Confide in her - make her your friend - maybe even your closest friend.

You dont say anything about your personal situation in your post so i cant offer any more advice right now just to agree with what jcook144 said.

Why not describe your life circumstances and the source of your anxiety and depression.

You could also check out


its free, fun and may help you
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Yes...Its a mix of depression and anxiety it sounds like.  
I understand a lot of what your saying becuase i am the same way (getting really annoyed at little things, crying constantly, breaking down).  So, you are struggling with anxiety and depression and I dont think it is anything else.  Its good you are in therapy and taking medication.  THis can and will help.  Also, its great your on this site.  
So you are not alone in this, and I understand what your going through.  Anxiety and depression are such weights on our lives.  But you can work through it and one day you will be the happy and care-free person that you can be.
I wish you well.
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