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I feel I need help


I feel a bit upset about writing on here as I am going to be telling you things that I can't even talk to anyone about in person.

Inside of me has felt like it has needed help in quite a while - I know that sounds dramatic.  Basically, I just feel really lonely - I live on my own and I don't feel like I have any true friends - in fact the friends I do have I know at work.  People seem to find it bizarre that I enjoy going into work but I haven't told them that it is because of the people I know there and that I never see anyone away from work.  I spend nights crying and just feeling generally upset - I find that I feel a lot more sensitive to things and I have also found that my anxiety levels have been quite high.

I always thought depression or I was always told it was when it was difficult to leave the house etc, I don't even know if I can class myself as being depressed I just know I don't want to feel this way anymore.  I havent spoken to my doctor or anyone from the medical profession - I don't want him to give me some tablets and tell me to go away.

Is this depression??

Thanks and sorry if I have gone on a bit too much.

Thank you.
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yeah that's definitely either depression or anxiety.  you should really talk to your doctor about it...and it also helps getting support from other people.  if you feel as though you need help, go with that instinct.  another good way to determine it is if you don't enjoy any fun activities, would rather sleep, or if you begin to think about suicide or hurting yourself.  

and there are different forms of depression as well, so there isn't just one distinct classification.

good luck!!!
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hi there,

it does sound like you might be depressed.  if you're weapy and not wanting to leave the house, ect.  this is easier said than done, but you need to find some people outside of work to hang out with.  that will get you out of the house and stuff.  or even like singles groups or friendly activity groups (you can look some stuff up on meetup.com).  it's hard to get out of the rut, but you have to "fake it til you make it" as my therapist would say.  chin up :P
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Thanks very much.
I don't know why but I also just feel embarrassed about talking to anyone about it
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It can be hard to talk to people about how you feel at first.  I've gotten to the point where I talk freely about it with my doctors (that's what they're there for!) and sometimes my parents.  Do talk to someone though...don't want you feeling down anymore :)
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