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I feel depressed, lonely, and socially awkward. Please help

Hi, I'm 15 year old guy (turning sixteen in a few weeks) and as the title suggests, I feel depressed, lonely, awkward.

I got really socially awkward once I found out I was gay. (in the closet) I struggle to talk in front of people, even my own family. I can't function in any school with more than ten people or I start freaking out.
Because of this, I don't have any friends. I can't talk to anyone, or go out and do stuff with someone. I sit inside all alone, all day every day. And it's gotten worse ever since I started homeschooling!
And all this leads to me feeling depressed. I gloom about all day, I cry silently at night, I never do anything with anyone. I don't even speak with my own father! What's wrong with me! I am a nice guy, I respect most anyone I meet! And at heart I'm a romantic! I don't want to sit around feeling like this anymore!

Please, help me. Even just talking will make me feel better...
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I am glad you are able to reach out and express yourself on this forum. Your ability to do so says a lot about who you are. The teen years are hard on most people but being gay seems to add an additional challenge for most. Coming to terms with sexual orientation is a process that can devastate some people. That said, I would strongly suggest finding any way to support coming to terms with being gay. Maybe read a book about coming out; join an online support group for LGBTQ teens or get into counseling. Find ways to positively enforce your orientation. Heterosexuals are naturally supported in our society but sometimes us gay folk need to find each other and lift one another up. Life is too hard to do alone, so don't. Keep reaching out. <3
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dont worry i am shore every thing will be alright if you ever need to talk more i am always willing to listen

please know that Jesus loves you <3
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I had problems when in high school in the 70's.They followed me into adult life.Depression can be awful in teens,I've been there.Do get counseling,or medication.Do not fall victim to drugs on the street.Even though I'am married with a wife,and strait,I care about you.I care for all teens.
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Sorry you are not feeling well, it is common for teenagers of your age to feel the way you have described. Please do not keep it in you, talk to someone. Parents would be the best, but if you feel afraid, there are health counselors in school. The most important thing is to not be alone and not to deal with this on your own. Being alone can worsen your symptoms. Talk to a therapist, he or she will find out what causes it. You might have depression and it's a serious condition that can be treated. There are many different treatment options. You are not alone. I hope you feel better!
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