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I feel like I am discontent about who I am

I feel like I am discontent with my life. I have a great family and supporting friends, but it isn't enough. At school i feel sort of fine because I'm with my friends, but when I come home, I realize what my life is and I often find myself imagining a new life where I look different, sound different, have all these things I'll never get. It feels like the only thing I'm living for is to go to school, eat, sleep, and wait for the weekend. I used to be a straight A student but now I'm failing more and more and I feel like if I keep failing no one will love me anymore.
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I'm sorry to hear you are feeling like this.  How old are you?  So, to me, you sound like an adventurer.  Like you dream of a different life. It's fantastic to dream as that can become a vision of what you look forward to.  You could get a spiral bound notebook and keep it as your journal. Write down what you are thinking about. Write down things you think you'd like to try at some point. Places you'd like to go.  Jobs that sound interesting to you.  Where you might want to continue your studies after school.  The kind of people you'd like to meet. Grades. Well, grades are a ticket out of wherever you are. Keep that in mind. But if you are depressed, and you sound like it is beginning to look that way, it zapps our energy.  Things are harder to do.  We have less focus or desire to do things like school work.  And the fear that you won't be loved. You will always be loved by your people.  :>)  Do you have mom or dad you can talk to about this?  
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I can really relate to this....but thankfully I'm done with school and it went well...but the part of always wanting something else and not being contented even in my relationship is the part i struggle with. I would try out the journal stuff and hope to get better.....cuz i know i have amazing people around me but i don't seem to appreciate them enough.
Dwoman_, do you still receive treatment for your mental health?
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Hi there. Let me know how you are doing.  
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