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I hate it all...

I'm a 22 yr old female with a 4 month old baby girl. My bf and I are on EBT,Medicaid,and TANF.....I hate it because we can't provided for her like we want to let alone take care of ourselves. It's been so hard trying to find a job here in Las Vegas and because of it we're most likely to get suspended from the TANF(cash assistance) which help getting things for her like daipers and wipes,stuff like that...I'm trying really hard not to just crash in a little corner somewhere and just cry till I can't cry no more but I want to stay strong for her...I really do but I don't know what to do and my bf is so worried about me I don't know what he's thinking...
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You should seek external help. Talk to your boyfriend, friends or family.

Therapy and support group is something that could give you a lot of help and support too.

It is very likely that you are suffering from postpartum (PPD) also called postnatal depression. Some people suffer from this depression when they just had a baby.

Other things that could help you is restoring your body's needs back to normal. I cannot explain why postpartum happens but it could be related to some vitamins, amino acids and minerals that are too low in your body.

5-HTP, multi-vitamins/minerals, vitamin B complex, vitamin D and calcium, magnesium and omega-3 could give help you a lot. Herb like St John's Wort is also a natural antidepressant and it could help you too. Healthy diet is extremely important in treating this kind of depression.

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No one online is capable, or qualified to diagnose a poster in this forum. While the OP very well may be experiencing post partum depression...she needs to be diagnosed by her doctor, and that should be the recommendation.
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well is hard every were try 2 take odd jobs babysit someone eles kid do hair don"t no sorr
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""No one online is capable, or qualified to diagnose a poster in this forum""  No one made a diagnoses.  But by the time most people go googling for a forum like this they are often fairly bad and desperate.

Well the chances of Post Partum depression are very high.  And you must get help quickly.

I had it, i let it go and from one day to the next I went into psychosis, it is a very dangerous illness if not treated.

It is not to be messed around with - seriously , go for help , it is very treatable and you will see improvement quickly.
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when I describe it to my friends and family they all say that it's PPD too and I need to see my OBGYN and talk to him about it
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